London Library Classification Scheme

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"The London Library has a unique and rather unorthodox classification scheme. Described as 'unusual but serviceable' by Alan Bell (Librarian of the London Library from 1993 to 2001), its application and maintenance are both a joy and a challenge. The scheme was devised by Sir Charles Theodore Hagberg Wright (1862-1940), Librarian of the London Library from 1893 until his death. (...): it was created on the principle of literary warrant, that is, it was designed around the books the Library held at the time. Like the scheme devised for the Library of Congress it was made to fit a particular collection with no thought of it ever being adopted by another library. LCC has since been adopted by many libraries, the London Library classification hasn’t had a comparable impact but it was adopted by the House of Commons Library where it continued to be used until 2000."

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London Library Classification Scheme
12 classes (2016-09).
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London Library
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