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"PRGPG agreed that in the long term classification harmonisation across the whole higher education and research sector would be desirable and that the Research Councils should aim to achieve alignment over a period of a few years and would not adopt JACS at this stage, although JACS could be used for external reporting. With the exception of MRC (which has signed up to a UK-wide classification system for health research, the Health Research Classification System, HRCS, the hierarchical structure of which MRC considers cannot be accommodated within the RCUK structure) the Research Councils will initially seek to harmonise the classifications across the Councils. Two Classification workshops were organised, as a result of which the RCs have delivered to UK SBS enough defined structure and content to create the required three-level research classification and reviewer matching structure. The information which will be used to populate the top two levels of the structure are 90% accurate as agreed (apart from possible typos and stylistic considerations). There are, however, some duplications (some of which are intentional and some unintentional) that should ideally be reviewed. The third level of the hierarchy (Keys), required by EPSRC and BBSRC for reviewer matching are 90% compliant with the requirements of UK SBS. Unfortunately, the third level hierarchy (Keys) will not provide a reviewer matching functionality for EPSRC that is fit for purpose without further review. While the structure of the hierarchy is very unlikely to change over time, agreed changes will, inevitably, need to be made to data fields in the future and in the short term to Keys, to make them fit for purpose for reviewer matching. Attention will now be given to how this will be handled, given that PRGPG is not a standing group."

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