"TERMDAT is an extensive multilingual specialist dictionary, and is a versatile aid for communication, text composition and translation. TERMDAT contains the terminology of Swiss law, public administration and the public sector in Switzerland’s four national languages – German, French, Italian and Romansh – and in English. It can be accessed free of charge online. (...) TERMDAT contains terms from a wide range of specialist fields, including law, public administration, agriculture, culture, economics, energy, environment, finance, industry, IT, medicine, the military, politics, science, technology, telecommunications, trade and transport. It contains a comprehensive collection of terms from Swiss federal law. (...) The entries in TERMDAT not only explain legal and administrative terminology, in most cases the equivalent term is also given in the other national languages, and sometimes in English. So if someone is required to translate a specialist term into another language, thanks to TERMDAT they can be sure of using the right one. Besides terms and their definitions and explanatory notes (e.g. how a word is to be used), TERMDAT contains further useful information such as official designations and abbreviations of Swiss and international authorities, institutions and organisations, and the titles and abbreviations of all federal legislation."

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