CDISC Clinical Research Glossary

"The CDISC Glossary (...) defines terms commonly used in clinical research (including acronyms, abbreviations, and initials). The Glossary serves the community of clinical researchers by selecting and defining terms pertaining to clinical research, particularly eClinical investigations, sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry or a federal agency. Note this CDISC Glossary is NOT comprehensive for all words bearing on human health, medicine, or laboratory methods.

The Glossary includes references and links to other glossaries such as regulatory dictionaries and to health-related controlled terminologies known to be useful in conducting clinical research, including the CDISC Terminology Project. Glossary terms are organized alphabetically, by first word, according to the opinion of the Glossary Project Team concerning most common usage in clinical research. Thus 'source document verification' would appear under 'source', not 'verification'. The Glossary follows the practice of preceding certain terms with the letter 'e' to denote that they pertain to electronic or Web implementation."

  • CDISC Clinical Research Glossary
  • Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium Clinical Research Glossary
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