A Women's Thesaurus

"The language of standard indexing and classification systems-terms used in most journals, libraries, filing systems, and databases-does not offer vocabulary consistently or sufficiently detailed and up-to-date to retrieve the wealth of resources available. Existing classifications frequently overlook emerging topics of special concern to women. As a result, important information is lumped under 'women' or is inaccessible. Prefixes and suffixes attached to terminology ostensibly gender neutral reflect implicitly male norms and define women in terms of their relationships to men (labels like "nontraditional employment" or "unwed mothers"). Worse, by juxtaposition, indexing systems condition our response to important topics. Grouping lesbian issues and prostitution in categories of sexuality, for example, skews complex social, political, and personal concerns. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title."

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  • A Women's Thesaurus
  • An Index of Language used to Describe and Locate Information by and about Women
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Created 1987
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