The Dublin Core Metadata Registry

The Dublin Core Metadata Registry is designed to promote the discovery and reuse of properties, classes, and other types of metadata terms. It provides an up-to-date source of authoritative information about DCMI metadata terms and related vocabularies. The registry aids in the discovery of terms and their definitions and shows relationships between terms.

The registry also provides some translations of definitions and usage comments into other languages. Please note that these translations have been made primarily by volunteers in the context of the DCMI Localization and Internationalization Community. Inasmuch they have not undergone any formal review by DCMI and may indeed be based on versions that are out-of-date, the translations are best used at one's own risk and in conjunction with the official definitions in English.

The reuse of existing metadata terms is essential to standardization, and promotes greater interoperability between metadata element sets. The discovery of existing terms is an essential, and prerequisite, step in this process. This application promotes the wider adoption, standardization and interoperability of metadata by facilitating its discovery, and reuse, across diverse disciplines and communities of practice.

This application, developed by the OCLC Office of Research in cooperation with the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative Registry Community, is currently being hosted by the Resource Center for Knowledge Communities at the University of Tsukuba as a collaborative service for the DCMI community. The registry was developed and continues to be available from DCMI as an open-source project, built entirely with open-source and open-standards software.

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