METeOR is Australia's repository for national metadata standards for the health, community services and housing assistance sectors. The system was developed by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare to replace the previous repository, the Knowledgebase.

METeOR provides users with a suite of features and tools. These include online access to a wide range of nationally endorsed data definitions and tools for creating new definitions based on existing already-endorsed components. It has a strong focus on providing comprehensive user support and assistance.

From a technical viewpoint METeOR operates as a metadata registry. This means METeOR is a system or application where metadata is stored, managed and disseminated. The registry aspects of METeOR have been based on the international standard for metadata registry - ISO/IEC 11179 - released in 2003.

Through METeOR you can find, view and download over 2,600 data standards. Using these standards will help you to:

avoid wasting resources creating similar standards<br />

base your information systems on nationally endorsed standards<br />

obtain data that is comparable across many different data collections

METeOR provides powerful search facilities to help you find metadata quickly.

When the metadata you need does not exist, METeOR's metadata creation tools mean that creating quality metadata and getting them endorsed has never been easier.

All these services are available free of charge.

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