Knowledge for All

Knowledge for All is a collaborative project to develop the first free, open tool of its kind for discovering, sharing and accessing scholarly journal literature. Based out of the University of Prince Edward Island with support from the Council of Atlantic University Libraries, the project invites all members of the international library and academic community, along with creators, managers and seekers of scholarly literature across the board to participate in building an open index and search tool that will truly meet their needs.

The tool will allow institutions, universities, libraries, archives, researchers, academics, students and members of the public at large to search across all academic disciplines and freely access a comprehensive collection of scholarly journal content. Its software and data will be open and freely available for the benefit of the community. The tool is being developed using a collaborative model - academic and library institutions around the world share in project costs, content creation and system development. They contribute funding, time and skills to build Knowledge for All for their own benefit and eliminate dependence on expensive proprietary databases and products. As an open source, customizable tool with robust search features, Knowledge for All will give institutions and individuals control over their content and technology.

We need your input in developing Knowledge for All. Visit our Get Involved page to learn how you can contribute and register to join the Knowledge for All community.

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