Thesaurus of Old English

"This presentation of Old English vocabulary is conceptually arranged, and is therefore entitled A Thesaurus of Old English (TOE). The vocabulary of Anglo-Saxon England is presented within ordered categories. Ideally, the reader should approach the materials of the TOE by subject rather than through the alphabetic index of the printed edition. Roget-owners have long been accustomed to begin with a word and, by trying a few locations listed in the index, find the vocabulary group wanted. Moreover, for inclusiveness they trade detailed information. Should a word's precise meaning be wanted, a dictionary is needed. Most conceptually-organized thesauri tend therefore to be used by native speakers of a language, who know the meanings of the words scanned. Less assured speakers may turn to those alphabetically-organized thesauri where they will find more help with meaning but far fewer words. In the TOE any small group of items listed together as sharing a component of meaning resembles the strings of words that make up the entries of an alphabetically-organized thesaurus, but they are embedded within an inclusive conceptual scheme. The provision of brief indications of meaning at all levels of this scheme looks back behind Roget, to the way in which Wilkins supplies notions and words, where word-senses follow on from ideas explained. Thus, this thesaurus incorporates information about word meaning and could be described as an inside-out dictionary, with meanings first and then words."

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