Department of Finance Controlled Subject Vocabulary

"The Department of Finance Controlled Subject Vocabulary (gcfin) is based on the organizational chart of the Department of Finance. It is a combined functional and subject vocabulary that reflects the policy development activities of the department and requires regular updating to reflect changes in the organizational structure.

The Vocabulary is used to catalogue web pages on the Finance Canada Website and is applied in an instance of the dc.subject Dublin Core metadata element. Another instance of dc.subject is populated using the Government of Canada Core Subject Thesaurus (gccore) and does not currently appear in the metadata of the site. The gcfin values are not searchable and but may be used for future search and navigation features on the Finance Website. (...)

The Vocabulary is presented in taxonomy and alphabetical form. The Vocabulary is registered with Library and Archives Canada."

  • Department of Finance Controlled Subject Vocabulary
  • Vocabulaire contrôlé des sujets du Ministère des Finances
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