Australian Emergency Management Glossary

"The aim of the Glossary is to provide a list of emergency management terms and definitions. Terms included are those likely to be encountered by emergency management workers. The types of organisations that would find the Glossary of value include: local governments; State and Commonwealth government departments; professional groups; processing, storage and transport industries; other large private sector organisations; hospitals, educational institutions, etc; and community organisations. (...) Confusion in emergency management often arises from a misunderstanding over words

because emergency management is at the nexus of many fields. There is also an increasing proliferation and duplication of terms and definitions, as the emergency management field itself is still evolving and adapting itself to new and changing contexts. The Glossary provides information on the range of terms and definitions encountered in emergency management, and may, in the future, lead to a consensus on terms and definitions. This Glossary does not present new or different definitions of terms, but draws together definitions from many existing sources. It also suggests a set of core terms (...)."

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