Low Intensity Conflict Thesaurus

"This thesaurus is a presentation of terms to be used for the indexing and retrieval of documents dealing with the subject area of Low Intensity Conflict (LIC). A wide range of documents and reports relevant to LIC were selected, catalogued and indexed from open literature as part of a feasibility study on an Information Analysis Centre (IAC). The Thesaurus of Engineering and Scientific Terms (TEST) was used initially for indexing terms but it became apparent that the subject matter required a broader range of terms in areas not covered comprehensively by TEST. Catalogers added terms as needed and gradually a 'working vocabulary' of something less than one thousand descriptors emerged. This original word list was edited following the rules and conventions adopted for the construction of TEST. Undesirable terms were removed, new ones were added and all hierarchical relationships and cross-references were entered and checked. The present thesaurus contains 950 descriptors and 225 USE references in the Thesaurus of Terms. A more detailed discussion of the process of construction of the LIC Thesaurus (LICT) is available in a separate report. LICT borrows heavily from TEST in format, rules and conventions followed and in many of the descriptors listed. The instructions and explanations about the use of LICT have been patterned after those in TEST."

  • Low Intensity Conflict Thesaurus
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Created 1976
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