Vocational Education Outcomes: A Thesaurus of Outcome Questions

"This thesaurus is designed to provide the vocational education community and its relevant audiences with a comprehensive, organized listing of outcome questions and hypotheses. The first of two sections includes a discussion of the importance as well as problems of attempting to develop a classification system for categorizing vocational outcomes. It also explains how the outcome questions are classified and how the reader can locate outcome questions of interest. The second section contains 252 outcome questions categorized into three areas: (1) outcome questions having the individual as the affected entity, (2) outcome questions having social entities or society-in-general as affected entities, and (3) outcome questions having special needs sub-populations as affected entities. Outcome questions are further categorized according to educational level, and those that are economically or occupationally related and those non-economically related. Also included is an index of specific topics which identifies related outcome questions."

  • Vocational Education Outcomes: A Thesaurus of Outcome Questions
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