Classification Scheme for Career Education Resource Materials

"The introductory section of the paper expresses its purpose: to devise a classification scheme for career education resource material, which will be used to develop the USOE Office of Career Education Resource Library and will be disseminated to interested State departments of education and local school districts to assist them in classifying their own career education resource materials. The second section of the paper describes the classification of career education resource material, revised after critiquing by 50 randomly selected career education practitioners. The third section describes the classification scheme, defines the nine cataloging terms used, and lists the 40 key descriptors utilized in the filing system. The classification headings are discussed to eliminate confusion of terms. The fourth section describes the use of the key descriptors and card catalog for the purpose of searching and retrieving needed material, and the storage problem is discussed. Section five explains how the index card is designed for conversion to computer card, and the main advantages of a computer system of retrieval are discussed. Brief descriptions of discipline and content areas, of special groups, and of types of materials are appended, as well as a sample index card."

  • Classification Scheme for Career Education Resource Materials
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