European Migration Network Glossary & Thesaurus

"The EMN Glossary improves comparability by enabling a common understanding and use of terms and definitions relating to asylum and migration. The Glossary draws on a variety of sources, but primarily on the legislation of the EU asylum and immigration acquis, and makes terms available in the majority of Member State languages."

Thesaurus Collectif Alpha

"Le Collectif Alpha organise depuis 40 ans des cours d’alphabétisation pour adultes, hommes et femmes, à partir de 18 ans. Plus de 600 personnes par an, de plus de 40 nationalités, suivent les cours du jour ou les cours du soir, à Saint-Gilles, Forest ou à Molenbeek. Le Collectif Alpha fait également partie du réseau des associations d’alphabétisation 'Lire et Ecrire', participe à la formation de formateurs en alphabétisation et gère un centre de documentation spécialisé."

"The Alpha Collective has been organizing literacy courses for adults, men and women for the past 40 years, from the age of 18. More than 600 people a year, over 40 nationalities, attend the evening or evening classes, Saint-Gilles, Forest and Molenbeek. the Collectif Alpha also part of the literacy network associations 'Read and Write', participates in training literacy trainers and manages a specialized documentation center. "


"ANASTASIA est un réseau documentaire spécialisé en sciences psycho-sociales, en promotion de la santé, en soins infirmiers, en techniques de bureau et en gestion d’entreprise, en développement durable, en psychomotricité, en agronomie, en gestion hôtelière, en pauvreté, dans les questions liées à l’immigration, aux relations Nord-Sud, en pédagogie."

"ANASTASIA is a documentary network specializing in psycho-social sciences, health promotion, nursing, office and business management, sustainable development, psychomotricity, agronomy, hotel management, poverty , In matters related to immigration, North-South relations, pedagogy. "

Standard Glossary of Terms used in Software Testing

"Much time and effort is wasted both within and between industry, commerce, government and professional and academic institutions when ambiguities arise as a result of the inability to differentiate adequately between such terms as ‘statement coverage’ and ‘decision coverage’, ‘test suite’, ‘test specification’ and ‘test plan’, and similar terms which form an interface between various sectors of society. Moreover, the professional or technical use of these terms is often at variance, with differentmeanings attributed to them.

Cell Cycle Ontology

"CCO basically contains genes, proteins, interactions (comprising genes or proteins that participate in them), processes from the cell cycle subtree of GO, molecular functions (GO), taxa, and ontological constructs (like an upper level ontology and relationships) to stick everything together. The knowledge represented in the system is expected to grow in quantity (integrating more data and different resources) and quality (organizing everything with Ontology Design Patterns and new relationships)."

European Committee for Homeopathy Homeopathic Thesaurus

"This controlled thesaurus of keyterms in homeopathy is for use when indexing literature on homeopathy and also when searching databases which have been indexed according to this list of terms. This thesaurus can be used in conjunction with the Amed Thesaurus from the British Library and the MeSH Medical Subject Headings from the National Library of Medicine, USA (used for Medline). It was developed as an addition to the Amed thesaurus to give greater depth of indexing for homeopathy, as there are only a few terms on homeopathy available in Amed.

Centre de Documentation en Sciences humaines Liste des mots-clés

"Les mots-clés ont été attribués après lecture selon un thesaurus constamment mis à jour par des spécialistes, en fonction de l'évolution des disciplines."

"The keywords were assigned after reading according to a thesaurus constantly updated by specialists, depending on the evolution of the disciplines."

World Register of Marine Species

"The aim of a World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) is to provide an authoritative and comprehensive list of names of marine organisms, including information on synonymy. While highest priority goes to valid names, other names in use are included so that this register can serve as a guide to interpret taxonomic literature. The content of WoRMS is controlled by taxonomic experts, not by database managers.