CINAHL Subject Headings

"The CINAHL subject headings are based on the MeSH headings, with additional specific nursing and allied health headings added as appropriate. Each year, the headings are updated and revised relative to terminology needed in these fields. In addition, new terms from MeSH may be added as well."

Business Thesaurus

"The Business Thesaurus is a controlled vocabulary of terms that assists in the effective searching of this business content. There are over 12,000 valid terms in the Business Thesaurus. Additionally, there are over 15,000 synonyms and non-preferred terms that lead to these preferred terms. General keyword searches interact with the Business Thesaurus as a result of the back-end processing that associates business thesaurus terms to each record. For the more advanced user, the Business Thesaurus is a feature that can be browsed alphabetically or searched by relevancy ranking.