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Creative Work Ontology

"This is the model we use to express the minimum metadata necessary to express a piece of creative content in the platform. The creative work ontology is continuously evolving based on our clients' requirements. There is a core class in this model, which is the CreativeWork class and properties that support information the LDP clients need to build their products such as title, thumbnail, URL e.t.c."

CMS Ontology

"An ontology to represent the content management systems and their interaction with the triplestore. For instance, how should an entity in the triplestore, e.g., the URI for Manchester United, be linked to an external CMS that provides more information about Manchester United, e.g., sports statistics, or how should a creative work URI in the triplestore refer to the CMS it was created. The CMS ontology provides the Linked Data Platform customers with pointers to additional information about a thing in other systems."

Basic Terminology of Stereochemistry

"The definitions used in this glossary are identical to those in the published document, see G.P. Moss Pure and Applied Chemistry, 68, 2193-2222 (1996) [Copyright IUPAC; reproduced with the permission of IUPAC]. If you use any of these definitions please cite this reference as their source. In setting up the World Wide Web version some errors have been detected. The changes have been marked by which is a link to details of the change and where it applies. (...)