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PCA Cement and Concrete Thesaurus

"The PCA Cement and Concrete Thesaurus, a list of accepted terminology for all aspects of cement and concrete, can now be accessed online. The Thesaurus was first compiled by PCA staff in the 1960s, and revised in 1982. With the introduction of computerized library software in the early 1990s, it became possible to reexamine and update the Thesaurus more efficiently, allowing the addition of hundreds of new terms and other changes as new materials have been cataloged. A thesaurus has a very practical purpose.

Child Abuse and Neglect Thesaurus

"The thesaurus contains approximately 4,000 terms used in indexing material for the National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect. It is explained that the descriptor compilation was first developed in 1975 from existing thesauri and dictionaries. Descriptors are arranged in alphabetic, permuted and group displays, and listings include references to broader, narrower and related terms."

Classification Scheme for Career Education Resource Materials

"The introductory section of the paper expresses its purpose: to devise a classification scheme for career education resource material, which will be used to develop the USOE Office of Career Education Resource Library and will be disseminated to interested State departments of education and local school districts to assist them in classifying their own career education resource materials. The second section of the paper describes the classification of career education resource material, revised after critiquing by 50 randomly selected career education practitioners.

Thesaurus of Development Communication

"This controlled vocabulary comprising approximately 1,030 terms commonly used in the field of international development communication was created by the Clearinghouse on Development Communication of the Academy for Educational Development to analyze and index documents. This standard list of terms, designed to provide subject access to information in this area, was constructed by extracting key concepts from relevant documents. The initial list was revised after testing for precision and recall, and reviews by clearinghouse personnel and other subject experts.

Medical and Health Related Sciences Thesaurus

"The Medical and Health Related Sciences Thesaurus is the list of indexing terms developed and maintained as an integral component of CRISP (Computer Retrieval of Information on Scientific Projects), a comprehensive system furnishing scientific data on all research projects supported by the Public Health Services. CRISP is operated by the Research Documentation Section, Statistics and Analysis Branch, Division of Research Grants.

Army Medical Library Classification Medicine

"The Classification covers the field of medicine and its related sciences. With it are used the various schedules of the Library of Congress Classification in order to provide an orderly arrangement for subjects bordering on medicine and for non-medical reference books. The LC schedules are used extensively; for example, social questions relating to the blind and the deaf are classified in HV (Social Sciences). When classification according to the LC schedules is indicated, only the class letters have been furnished in the present index.

Coastal and Marine Ecological Classification Standard

"The Coastal and Marine Ecological Classification Standard (CMECS) is a catalog of terms that provides a means for classifying ecological units using a simple, standard format and common terminology (CMECS uses the term 'unit' to refer to any defined entity in the standard at any level of the hierarchy; 'units' include seagrass bed, sand, lagoon, and water mass). CMECS offers a way to organize and interpret data about the marine environment, and it provides a common platform for inter-relating data.

Thesaurus of Terms Used in Microbial Risk Assessment

"Federal and international agencies, private sector organizations, and academics use terms and definitions differently in their microbial risk assessments. This Thesaurus is a compendium of risk assessment terms found in frameworks, methodologies, and assessments. It provides insight into how various entities use specific microbial risk assessment terms in their activities and helps those responsible for such assessments both conduct and communicate about them more effectively."