"Chinese Agricultural Thesaurus (CAT) is the largest agricultural domain thesaurus in China, which is held and maintained by AII of CAAS. CAT was the important fruits of more than 100 professionals’ six years hard work. The international and national standards were adopted while designing and constructing CAT. CAT covers areas including agriculture, forestry, biology, etc. It is organized in 40 main categories and contains more than 63 thousands concepts and most of them have English translation.


"《中国图书馆图书分类法》是我国建国后编制出版的一部具有代表性的大型综合性分类法,简称《中图法》。自 1999年第四版起更名为《中国图书馆分类法》,简称不变,英文译名为Chinese Library Classification,英文缩写为CLC。《中图法》与国内其他分类法相比,编制产生年代较晚,但发展很快,它不仅系统地总结了我国分类法的编制经验,而且还吸取了国外分类法的编制理论和技术。目前,《中图法》已普遍应用于全国各类型的图书馆,国内主要大型书目、检索刊物、机读数据库,以及《中国国家标准书号》等都著录《中图法》分类号。"

"China Library Book Classification" is a representative of China after the founding of a large-scale comprehensive classification, referred to as "since the law." Since the fourth edition in 1999 changed its name to "China Library Classification "Abbreviation is unchanged, the English translation of the Chinese Library Classification, the English abbreviation for the CLC." Chinese law "and other domestic classification, compared to the preparation of late, but the development of fast, it not only systematically summed up our classification At present, the "China map" has been widely used in