Biological Collections Ontology

"The Biological Collections Ontology (BCO) is an application ontology developed as part of the Biocode Commons project, within the OBO Foundry framework. The goal of the BCO is to support the interoperability of biodiversity data, including data on museum collections, environmental/metagenomic samples, and ecological surveys. The BCO covers distinctions between individuals, organisms, voucher specimens, lots, samples, the relations between these entities, and the processes governing the creation and use of 'samples'.

Arizona Governmental Publications Agency Names and Classification Codes

"This database contains the AzDoc Classification Scheme, used to classify state documents for the state of Arizona. The classification scheme was developed by the Arizona State University Library. Like the Superintendent of Documents classification system (SuDocs), it arranges materials by issuing agency rather than by subject."

Solar System SKOS Ontology Model

"This is an ontological knowledge organization system of the planets, dwarf planets, natural satellites, and small solar system bodies in the Solar System using the SKOS, Simple Knowledge Organization System, schema extended. The model defines resources in English, Spanish, Russian, and simplified Chinese. Each resource entry also contains definitions. This facilitates the generation of mono- or multi-lingual glossaries. The concept terms can be used to feed vocabularies to search applications.