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Incluseum Metadata Schema

"Over the last three years of our work with the Incluseum, we’ve thought, written, and talked extensively of the power of words. (...) Working through the medium of the blog, however, we became dissatisfied with our ad-hoc and fractured way of organizing content. In other words, related content has not been systematically categorized and labelled as to make their relations visible. Moreover, we were concerned that our simple buckets (e.g., 'race/racism', 'gender', etc.) did not accurately capture how we wanted to be referring to the content in our blogposts.

Thesaurus Centre Intégré de Gestion de l'Information

"Le Centre intégré de gestion de l'information (CIGI) est centre de documentation unique spécialisé en déficience physique accessible à distance. Son importante collection, comprend près de 4500 documents et 200 périodiques."

"The Integrated Center for Information Management (CIGI) is a unique documentation center specializing in physical disability accessible from a distance. Its extensive collection includes nearly 4,500 documents and 200 periodicals."

Thésaurus Accueil et Insertion Jeunes

"Le thésaurus, dans son état actuel, demande à être validé par les professionnels de l’accueil/insertion des jeunes de la région Centre. Il est expérimental, son élaboration (structuration et choix des descripteurs) reposant sur des hypothèses de travail qu’il reste à confirmer ou infirmer. D’autre part, il y a sûrement des synonymes à intégrer, des associations supplémentaires à introduire ainsi que des notes d’application à ajouter.

"The thesaurus, in its current state, needs to be validated by the professionals of the reception / integration of the young people of the Center region. It is experimental, its elaboration (structuring and choice of the descriptors) There are surely synonyms to be included, additional associations to be inserted and application notes to be added This thesaurus allows several levels of use, from the simple classification of the documents To bibliographic research in the documentary holdings of the network, to the indexing of documents. "