social development

Centro de Documentación INTAL Tesauro

"Este servicio permite realizar búsqueda por temas, navegando por las diferentes áreas de conocimiento y seleccionando el ó los términos para realizar una consulta. Los términos se ordenan jerárquicamente mostrando la relación de especificidad entre unos y otros."

"This service allows you to search by topics, navigating the different areas of knowledge and selecting the term or terms to make a query. The terms are hierarchically ordered showing the relationship of specificity between them."

Diccionari de cooperació al desenvolupament

"La cooperació al desenvolupament és una activitat global cada vegada més rellevant en el món actual, que fomenta el treball col·laboratiu d’una gran varietat d’actors a tots els nivells. Els actors humanitaris poden ser persones o organismes (governamentals o no governamentals) d’àmbit local, regional o universal. Per aquest motiu, el TERMCAT ha considerat necessària l’elaboració d’un recull terminològic que contingui la terminologia bàsica d’aquest àmbit. Aquest diccionari conté aproximadament un centenar de termes.

"Development cooperation is an increasingly important global activity in the world, which encourages collaborative work of a variety of actors at all levels. The humanitarian actors can be individuals or organizations (governmental or not government) local, regional or universal. for this reason, TERMCAT considered necessary the elaboration of a terminology compilation containing the basic terminology of the field. this dictionary contains about a hundred terms. Each term includes names in Catalan, a definition equivalents in Spanish, French and English and, if necessary, additional notes.

Thesaurus of Development Communication

"This controlled vocabulary comprising approximately 1,030 terms commonly used in the field of international development communication was created by the Clearinghouse on Development Communication of the Academy for Educational Development to analyze and index documents. This standard list of terms, designed to provide subject access to information in this area, was constructed by extracting key concepts from relevant documents. The initial list was revised after testing for precision and recall, and reviews by clearinghouse personnel and other subject experts.

World Bank Thesaurus

"The Enterprise Topic Thesaurus is a thesaurus which represents the concepts and terms used to describe the World Bank Group’s topical knowledge domains and areas of expertise – the ‘what we do’ and ‘what we know’ aspect of the Bank’s work. The Enterprise Topic Thesaurus provides an enterprise-wide, application-independent framework for describing all of the Bank’s areas of expertise and knowledge domains, current as well as historical, representing the vocabularies used by domain experts and domain novices, and Bank staff and Bank clients."

Thesaurus für wirtschaftliche und soziale Entwicklung

"Die Deskriptorenliste umfasst ca. 4.000 Begriffe aus allen Bereichen der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit. Der TWSE wird von den entwicklungspolitisch relevanten Dokumentationsstellen im deutschsprachigen Raum angewandt und trägt damit zur Standardisierung des Informations- und Dokumentationsprozesses im Fachinformationsgebiet bei. Für Stellen, deren dokumentationssprachliche Bedürfnisse ein detaillierteres Vokabular erfordern, fungiert der TWSE als Dachthesaurus für ihre organisationsspezifischen Ergänzungsthesauri."

"The list of descriptors includes about 4,000 terms from all areas of development cooperation.The TWSE is used by the documentation centers relevant to the development policy in German-speaking countries and thus contributes to the standardization of the information and documentation process in the specialist information area , The TWSE acts as the roof thesaurus for its organization-specific supplementary thesauri. "