Gazetteer of British Place Names

"The Gazetteer provides an exhaustive Place Name Index to Great Britain, containing over 50,000 entries. It lists the historic county and the main administrative areas in which each place lies. It forms a valuable resource for those working in the media, tourism, heritage, publishing or education. It is also of great value for local and family historians."


"The GeoNames geographical database is available for download free of charge under a creative commons attribution license. It contains over 10 million geographical names and consists of over 9 million unique features whereof 2.8 million populated places and 5.5 million alternate names. All features are categorized into one out of nine feature classes and further subcategorized into one out of 645 feature codes. (...) The data is accessible free of charge through a number of webservices and a daily database export.

International Contact Ontology

"This ontology provides basic classes and more detailed properties for representating international street addresses, phone numbers and emails. Rather than using existing ontologies, such as vcard, it was decided to create a new one as the vcard and foaf ignore the details of international addresses, phone numbers, etc. The important part of the ontology are the object and data properties used to describe addresses primarily and phone numbers."

iDAI.gazetteer Thesaurus

"Der iDAI.Gazetteer ist ein Webservice, der Ortsnamen mit Koordinaten verbindet und in zwei Richtungen wirken soll. Nach innen dient er als Normdatenvokabular für sämtliche ortsbezogenen Informationen und Informationssysteme des DAI. Nach außen soll er diese mit den weltweiten Gazetteer-Systemen verbinden."

"The iDAI.Gazetteer is a webservice that connects place names with coordinates and works in two directions. Inside, it serves as a standard datavocabular for all DAI's location-specific information and information systems. To the outside he should connect these with the global Gazetteer systems."

Nomenclature thématique GéoBretagne

"Cette nomenclature est importante puisqu'elle permet dans le visualiseur de rechercher des données via une entrée thématique. Elle s'impose pour le partage à tous les partenaires de GéoBretagne qui sont invités à reprendre cette nomenclature pour le classement interne de leurs données. Elle a été structurée selon 2 niveaux, de manière à pour voir disposer de grands embranchements permettant du comptage synthétique. Une recherche appropriée dans les outils mettant en œuvre le thésaurus permet de remonter toutes les fiches / données correspondant à un niveau 1.

"This nomenclature is important since it allows the viewer to search for data via a thematic entry, and is required for sharing with all GeoBretagne partners who are invited to use this nomenclature for the internal classification of their data. Has been structured according to 2 levels, so as to have large branches allowing synthetic counting. An appropriate search in the tools implementing the thesaurus makes it possible to put all the cards / data corresponding to a level 1 back. Thesaurus in cataloging tools is highly recommended. "