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Taxonomy of Horror Sub-Genres

"I’ve broken the horror genre down into 10 sub-genres and 3 additional non-sub-genre classifications. Each page includes a full breakdown of the category with descriptions for each classification. Additionally, each classification includes a list of films that exemplify that particular corner of the horror genre. This is an ongoing project, so individual pages and lists will open as I complete them."

Screenwriter's Ultimate Guide to Hollywood Meeting Terminology

"As screenwriters venture deeper and deeper into the waters of movie studio development offices, agencies, and management companies — after years of trying to break through and finally seeing some attention - it’s imperative that they are prepared for the meetings, the conversations, the emails, and more important, the terminology.

Systematik Medienwissenschaft, Darstellende Kunst, Theater, Tanz, Artistik, Film, Rundfunk, Hörfunk, Fernsehen

"Die 'alte' Systematik für den Bereich Medienwissenschaft in der Bibliothek der Universität Konstanz war den Anforderungen des sich schnell entwickelnden Faches nicht mehr gewachsen, die Aufstellung zu grob, eine differenzierte Recherche nicht möglich. Wir wollten unseren Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftlern und der großen Zahl der Studierenden im Fach Medienwissenschaft die Bestände attraktiv und gut gegliedert präsentieren und haben uns daher entschlossen, eine komplett neue Systematik zu entwickeln.

"The 'old' system for the field of media science in the library of the University of Konstanz was no longer up to the requirements of the rapidly developing subject, the list was too coarse, a differentiated research was not possible, we wanted to thank our scientists and the large number of researchers The library of the University of Constance under the leadership of Ralph Hafner (specialist for media science) in cooperation with the university The media in Stuttgart (Prof. B. Hütter and Prof. Dr. R. Stang) and the Department of Media Studies at the University of Konstanz (Prof. Dr. B.

Plan de classement des films

"Les films de fiction sont regroupés en huit grands genres cinématographiques afin de vous aider à faire un choix parmi la collection. Sous chaque genre, les films sont classés selon l’ordre alphabétique des réalisateurs."

"Fiction films are grouped into eight major cinematographic genres to help you choose from the collection. The films are sorted in alphabetical order according to each genre."