Cell Cycle Ontology

"CCO basically contains genes, proteins, interactions (comprising genes or proteins that participate in them), processes from the cell cycle subtree of GO, molecular functions (GO), taxa, and ontological constructs (like an upper level ontology and relationships) to stick everything together. The knowledge represented in the system is expected to grow in quantity (integrating more data and different resources) and quality (organizing everything with Ontology Design Patterns and new relationships)."

Cell Line Ontology

"Thousands of cell lines have been artificially developed and used for different applications. Information about cell lines is typically stored in public repositories and indexed catalogues. Most cell lines are commercially available. Some cell lines are only transferred between academic laboratories. Information about cell lines has not been well standardized and machine-readable to date.

Cell Phenotype Ontology

"The Cell Phenotype Ontology (CPO) is an ontology to describe phenotypes on the cellular scale. It contains a rich classification of cellular component abnormalities, including links to morphological and physiological abnormalities. Based on the Gene Ontology's classification of cellular processes, CPO provides a large number of formally as well as textually defined classes to characterize process abnormalities."