cultural heritage

Plan de Classement du Fonds Égyptologique du Chanoine Drioton

"Le fonds Drioton a été acquis par la BNU en 1961 avec la somme touchée au titre des dommages de guerre pour la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Etienne Drioton (1889-1961) a été directeur général du Service des antiquités de l’Egypte (1936-1952), puis professeur au Collège de France (1957-1961). Les ouvrages de sa collection sont conservés en salle Joffre et ont été catalogués sur fiches dans les années 1965-70.

"The fund Drioton was acquired by the NBU in 1961 with the amount in relation to war damage to the Second World War. Etienne Drioton (1889-1961) was Director General of the Department of Antiquities in Egypt (1936-1952) and Professor at the College de France (1957-1961). The works of his collection are kept in Joffre space and were cataloged in map styles in 1965-1970 years. A file created by authors and anonymous titles, systematic file (after a specific review, see below) and a concordance file is available to the coin store cabinet.

Vocabulario Controlado Sobre Biblioclastia

"El desarrollo de este vocabulario forma parte del Proyecto Institucional CAICYT sobre bibliocastía en Argentina. Este proyecto se propone en el marco del Laboratorio de información de CAICYT relevar la información y estudiar diferentes aspectos de este tema. El proyecto comprende el desarrollo de este vocabulario que servirá como herramienta de indización para una Bibliografía Argentina sobre Biblioclastía y para la categorización de casos para un futuro Observatorio de Bibliocastía.

Europeana Food and Drink Classification

"The Europeana Food and Drink Classification scheme (EFD classification) is a multi-dimensional scheme for discovering and classifying Cultural Heritage Objects (CHO) related to Food and Drink (FD). To support the broadest possible range of re-use models, we are building upon existing terminologies to develop and apply a multilingual taxonomy for FD collections which will be used to tag, discover and aggregate relevant material by theme."

CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model

"The CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model (CRM) provides definitions and a formal structure for describing the implicit and explicit concepts and relationships used in cultural heritage documentation. The CIDOC CRM is intended to promote a shared understanding of cultural heritage information by providing a common and extensible semantic framework that any cultural heritage information can be mapped to. It is intended to be a common language for domain experts and implementers to formulate requirements for information systems and to serve as a guide for good practice of conceptual modelling.

CERL Thesaurus

"The CERL Thesaurus File is a unique facility developed to address the particularly European issue that place name and personal names in Europe varied from country to country in the period of hand press printing (1450 - c. 1830). As such, it is an essential research tool for scholars and researchers of the period. The CERL Thesaurus file contains forms of imprint places, imprint names, personal names and corporate names as found in material printed before the middle of the nineteenth century - including variant spellings, forms in Latin and other languages, and fictitious names.

Código de Classificação de Documentos de Arquivo da Fundação Oswaldo Cruz

"O código de classificação de documentos de arquivo é um instrumento de trabalho utilizado para classificar todo e qualquer documento produzido ou recebido por um órgão no exercício de suas funções e atividades.

"The document classification code is a working tool used to classify any document produced or received by an organ in the exercise of its functions and activities.

Tesauro de Patrimonio Histórico Andaluz

"El Tesauro de Patrimonio Histórico Andaluz (TPHA), es la primera experiencia integradora de todas las disciplinas relacionadas con el Patrimonio Histórico en un único lenguaje documental.

"The Andalusian Historical Heritage Thesaurus (TPHA) is the first integrating experience of all disciplines related to Historical Heritage in a single documentary language.

Tezaurus dziedzictwa kulturowego

"'Tezaurus dziedzictwa kulturowego' powstał w ramach projektu 'Słownik hierarchiczny pojęć dla dziedzictwa kulturowego – narzędzie wspomagające tworzenie i wykorzystywanie baz danych obejmujących zabytki sztuki', realizowanego przez Pracownię Dokumentacji Zabytków Sztuki Instytutu Historii Sztuki Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego w latach 2007-2009 pod kierunkiem prof. dr. hab. Jana Harasimowicza (IV Konkurs Projektów Badawczych Rozwojowych, projekt nr N 17 0004 04).

"Thesaurus of cultural heritage" was created within the framework of the project "Dictionary of hierarchical terminology of cultural heritage - a tool supporting the creation and use of databases of monuments of art", realized by the Documentary Museum of Art Monuments of the Institute of Art History of the University of Wrocław in 2007-2009 under the supervision of prof. Project No. N 17 0004 04.