Gale Anatomy Thesaurus

The Gale Anatomy Thesaurus is a subset of the master Gale Health and Medicine Thesaurus in the narrower domain of the human or animal body as a whole and all of the body’s systems, regions, and parts. It includes terms that represent the physiological processes that take place within the human or animal body. All thesaural relationships (BT/NT, RT, USE/UF) are included, and some terms have scope notes. The thesaurus contains 1,263 preferred terms/concepts (2019) and is continually updated.

Diccionari de sinologia

"El Diccionari de sinologia en línia posa a l’abast dels usuaris vora de 1.100 termes propis d’aquesta disciplina; especialment, termes relacionats amb l’anatomia i la fisiologia mamàries, les tècniques diagnòstiques, la patologia de la mama i els tractaments. Cada terme inclou les denominacions en català i els equivalents en castellà, anglès, francès i italià i, si escau, les denominacions de la Terminologia Anatomica (TA), amb les definicions corresponents i, eventualment, amb notes explicatives.

"Dictionary of Sinology Online makes available to users over 1,100 terms specific to this discipline, especially terms related to breast anatomy and physiology, diagnostic techniques, pathology and treatment of breast cancer. each term includes the equivalent names in Catalan and in Spanish, English, French and Italian and, where applicable, the names of the Anatomical Terminology (TA) with corresponding definitions and, eventually, with explanatory notes.

Diccionari d'anatomia

"El Diccionari d’anatomia recull 3.622 termes relacionats directament amb l’anatomia humana. Cada terme inclou les denominacions en català i els equivalents en castellà i anglès, i les denominacions corresponents a la Terminologia Anatòmica (TA, antigament Nomina Anatomica), una nomenclatura científica estandarditzada de caràcter internacional pròpia d’aquest àmbit del coneixement.

"The dictionary contains 3622 terms of anatomy directly related to the human anatomy. Each term includes the equivalent names in Catalan and Spanish and English, and the names corresponding to the Anatomical Terminology (TA, formerly Nomina Anatomica) nomenclature standardized international scientific specific to this field of knowledge.

Foundational Model of Anatomy

"The Foundational Model of Anatomy Ontology (FMA) is an evolving computer-based knowledge source for biomedical informatics; it is concerned with the representation of classes or types and relationships necessary for the symbolic representation of the phenotypic structure of the human body in a form that is understandable to humans and is also navigable, parseable and interpretable by machine-based systems. Specifically, the FMA is a domain ontology that represents a coherent body of explicit declarative knowledge about human anatomy.

Ontology of Anatomical Entities

"The AEO is an ontology of anatomical structures that expands CARO, the Common Anatomy Reference Ontology, to about 160 classes using the is_a relationship; it thus provides a detailed type classification for tissues. The ~100 new classes were chosen for their use in categorizing the major vertebrate and invertebrate anatomy ontologies at a granularity adequate for tissues of a single cell type.
The AEO is intended to be useful in increasing the amount of knowledge in anatomy ontologies, facilitating annotation and enabling interoperability across anatomy ontologies.