355 Military science

Vocabulaire de la Défense

"Les fascicules de cette collection reprennent les listes de termes, expressions et définitions publiées au Journal officiel de la République française par la Commission générale de terminologie et de néologie, en application du décret du 3 juillet 1996 relatif à l’enrichissement de la langue française. Les termes proposés par les commissions spécialisées de terminologie et de néologie sont soumis à une procédure d’approbation impliquant la Commission générale de terminologie et de néologie, l’Académie française et le ministre concerné.

"The fascicles of this collection include the lists of terms, expressions and definitions published in the Official Journal of the French Republic by the General Commission for Terminology and Neology, in application of the Decree of 3 July 1996 on the enrichment of the French language The terms proposed by the specialized committees for terminology and neology are subject to an approval procedure involving the General Committee on Terminology and Neology, the French Academy and the Minister concerned.

Thesaurus of ASTIA Descriptors

"The Thesaurus is divided into three major sections: the Schedule of Descriptors, the Scope Note Index, and the charts of Generic Relationships. The Schedule of Descriptors comprises (1) an alphabetical list of Descriptor Fields covering the ASTIA (AD) collection in terms of subject matter disciplines; (2) the Descriptor Fields divided into distinct Descriptor Groups indicating the extent of each Descriptor Field; and (3) an alphabetical-numerical list of these Descriptor Groups, displaying the individual Descriptors within each group."

MATRIS Indexing and Retrieval Thesaurus

"Categories covered in this hierarchy: Manpower; Recruitment, Selection/Classification/Assignment; Education and Training; Human Resources Management; Organizations; Human Factors Engineering; Information Processing/Cognition; Human Performance; Data Management; Program Management; Defense/Welfare; Personnel; Skills; Task/System Analysis; Quantification/Analysis Techniques; Safety/Environmental Factors; Systems/Equipment; and Media/Documents."

Low Intensity Conflict Thesaurus

"This thesaurus is a presentation of terms to be used for the indexing and retrieval of documents dealing with the subject area of Low Intensity Conflict (LIC). A wide range of documents and reports relevant to LIC were selected, catalogued and indexed from open literature as part of a feasibility study on an Information Analysis Centre (IAC). The Thesaurus of Engineering and Scientific Terms (TEST) was used initially for indexing terms but it became apparent that the subject matter required a broader range of terms in areas not covered comprehensively by TEST.

Subject Headings of the Morris Swett Library

"This list of subject headings is used at the Morris Swett Library. It has been compiled by past and present librarians as well as library staffs. Some subject headings have been taken directly from Library of Congress headings. They have been added to and adjusted to meet artillery needs. This product represents a consensus of agreement between artillery specialists and librarians as to the best terminology to use."

Defense Technical Information Center Thesaurus

"The Thesaurus provides a broad multidisciplinary subject term vocabulary that aids in information search and retrieval. Subject terms, called Descriptors, are organized into hierarchies, where series of narrower terms are linked to broader terms. After performing a Thesaurus search, a user can insert a Descriptor directly into the Technical Reports Guided Search page. 16463 terms, 8598 relations between terms, 2278 non-preferred terms."