351 Public administration

Tesauro de Archivos Municipales

"El tesauro de archivos municipales tiene por objeto reflejar la administración municipal, aglutinando y amalgamando, desde su concepto lógico y semántico, las disciplinas, las actividades y las funciones de la institución. La variedad intrínseca de la administración municipal aconseja la elaboración de un listadode términos propios, tomados siempre de los propios documentos. Esta premisa garantiza, sin duda, la coherencia del tesauro. De esta forma los términos del tesauro se ceñirán a este ámbitoy serán términos que aparezcan en los documentos generados por la institución municipal.

"The thesaurus of municipal archives aims to reflect the municipal administration, agglutinating and amalgamating, from its logical and semantic concept, the disciplines, activities and functions of the institution. The intrinsic variety of the municipal administration advises the development of a list of In this way, the terms of the thesaurus will be bound to this area and will be terms that appear in the documents generated by the municipal institution.

Publishing and Depository Services Program Subject Thesaurus

"From 1999 until April 2005, the DSP thesaurus was adopted as the Government of Canada Core Subject Thesaurus (CST) and during that period the two vocabularies were identical. In 2005, Library and Archives Canada assumed responsibility for the CST and the DSP thesaurus has been maintained and developed independently since then. The PDS thesaurus is a bilingual vocabulary consisting of two separate data files, English and French.

Local Government Category List

"The Local Government Category List (LGCL) was developed by the LAWs Project to define the subject matter of local government and related community resources according to a common vocabulary. The list builds on the work of the prior APLAWS project and has been refined following extensive dialogs with users. The list is provided as a 'scheme' for populating the e-GMS 'subject.category' element. It also offers 'lower level' terms to make it suitable for powering search engines and populating 'subject.refinement'.

Integrated Public Sector Vocabulary

"The Integrated Public Sector Vocabulary (IPSV) is an 'encoding scheme' for populating the e-GMS Subject element of metadata. It is fully compliant with ISO 2788 and BS 8723, the International and British Standards for monolingual thesauri. The vocabulary was developed with the backing of the ODPM (Office of the Deputy Prime Minister) and the eGU (Cabinet Office e-Government Unit). Version 1.00 was released in April 2005; Version 2.00 supersedes it, as of 3 April 2006.