333 Economics of land and energy

Gale Energy Thesaurus

The Gale Energy Thesaurus is a subset of the master Gale Technology thesaurus in the narrower domain of the production, distribution, regulation, and uses of energy resources, including new sources/production methods and their environmental ramifications. All thesaural relationships (BT/NT, RT, USE/UF) are included, and some terms have scope notes. The thesaurus contains 702 preferred terms/concepts (2019) and is continually updated.

Land Portal Resource Types

"The Land Portal's Land Library contains highly curated metadata of over 20,000 land-related publications, articles and multimedia. The Land Portal aggregates this metadata from over 20 different sources, in addition to the resources that are added by users manually.
In order to combine these different databases that the Land Portal harvests metadata from, the Land Portal has needed to consolidate certain elements from these different databases to fit one standardized metadata structure in the Land Portal's Land Library.

LandVoc - the Linked Land Governance Thesaurus

"The Land Portal Foundation has taken the lead in the land governance sector to develop such a standardized vocabulary: LandVoc, the Linked Land Governance Thesaurus. LandVoc is mainly derived from FAO's Agrovoc (link is external), the standard Agriculture vocabulary, but links together many other vocabularies designed and/or used by land governance stakeholders on both a global and local level. LandVoc is always a working product, constantly being reviewed and improved. It is important to emphasize that LandVoc is not meant to serve as a glossary for land governance-related issues.

AnaEE Thesaurus

"The AnaEE thesaurus aims to provide a controlled vocabulary for the semantic description of the study of continental ecosystems and their biodiversity. It has been developed within the framework of the AnaEE-France infrastructure through an iterative process combining both top down and bottom up approaches: import of concepts from other thesauri and collection of concepts used in the AnaEE data bases and/or modeling platforms."


"The first version of this thesaurus (Sept. 2011) was prepared based on terms and term relationships derived from ISO/DIS Land Administration Domain Model (dated 2010-03-01) which was initiated by Peter van Oosterom and Christiaan Lemmen, as well as terms adopted from other thesauri including the AGROVOC multilingual agricultural vocabulary, the GEMET Thesaurus, INSPIRE Spatial Data Themes, and the STW Thesaurus for Economics. In version 2 (Oct. 2012), the about 110 terms of the version 1.0 was supplemented with terms, which address the dynamic or process aspect of the domain.

Kestävän kehityksen kasvatuksen ontologia

"Kestävän kehityksen kasvatuksen ontologia (KEKO) laadittiin ympäristöministeriön rahoittamassa Yhteinen käsitys 2 -hankkeessa vuosina 2014–2015. Hankkeen tavoitteena oli tukea kestävän kehityksen kasvatuksen toimijoiden yhteisen kielen muodostumista. Työhön osallistuivat edustajat Pääkaupunkiseudun Kierrätyskeskuksesta, Suomen Kulttuuriperintökasvatuksen seurasta, MAPPA-materiaalipankkihankkeesta ja Sanastokeskus TSK:sta.


"SIERTERM es el resultado de un proyecto de I+D+i realizado con financiación de la Universidad Europea de Madrid con una duración de 1 año. El objetivo general del proyecto SIERTERM es la creación de un glosario terminológico trilingüe para la traducción en los ámbitos de los Sistemas Inteligentes y Energías Renovables que contribuya a solventar la escasez de recursos electrónicos.

"Sierterm is an R&D Project funded by the Universidad Europea de Madrid for a year with the aim of creating a terminological trilingual glossary (terminology records) for translators working in the fields of Intelligent Systems and Renewable Energies. More specifically, Sierterm concentrates on: • Compiling documents for term identification and extraction. • Uploading these terms into a collaborative platform that allows for public access and collaboration."