328 The legislative process

CRS Legislative Subject Terms Used in THOMAS

"Beginning with the 111th Congress, all legislative measures are assigned at least one Subject term drawn from a new list of terms presented on this page. The Subject terms are designed to better group legislation, to improve consistency, and to shorten the time it takes to add Subject terms to bills. Subject terms can also be assigned from a large list of terms corresponding to geographic areas (foreign and domestic), U.S. government entities, and congressional committees. See the CRS Named-Entity Subject Terms for a complete list of those terms.

Event Name Authority List

The Event authority table (AT) is a controlled vocabulary listing the events that are part of the legal decision making process. It was created in order to harmonize and to trace historically the various events triggered by an agent within the procedures and associated to a resource type. The various sources of information were extracted from Pegase and Prelex. The Event AT is part of the core metadata used in the exchange between the institutions involved in the legal decision making process and the Publications Office of the European Union. It is also used by EUR-Lex.

Thesaurus do Senado Federal

"A Subsecretaria de Informações, da Secretaria de Documentação e Informação do Senado Federal, mantém o controle terminológico. (...) Os termos são apresentados em ordem alfabética e podem ser: Termos Autorizados: termos escolhidos para representar os conceitos; Termos Não Autorizados: sinônimos ou quase sinônimos e formas alternativas cujo uso não está autorizado. As palavras não são acentuadas, exceto para 'Ã' e 'Õ'."

"The Secretariat for Information, the Department of Documentation and Information of the Senate, keeps the terminological control (...) The terms are presented in alphabetical order and can be: Authorized Terms:. Terms chosen to represent the concepts, terms Unauthorized : Synonyms or almost synonyms and alternative forms whose use is not authorized. The words are not accentuated, except for 'Ã' and 'Õ'. "

Legislative Indexing Vocabulary

"Over 10,000 terms. More than half of the terms are approved indexing terms while the remainder are USE references to lead users to authorized terms. The access vocabulary has been improved with the gain of over 100 new terms over the previous edition. The format employed in this vocabulary facilitates the assignment of indexing terms to a document at the most appropriate levels of specificity or generality and from a variety of points of view. Cross references show both hierarchical and collateral relations among terms.