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"Wikidata is a free linked database that can be read and edited by both humans and machines. Wikidata acts as central storage for the structured data of its Wikimedia sister projects including Wikipedia, Wikivoyage, Wikisource, and others. Wikidata also provides support to many other sites and services beyond just Wikimedia projects! The content of Wikidata is available under a free license, exported using standard formats, and can be interlinked to other open data sets on the linked data web."

Cutter Expansive Classification

"Charles Ammi Cutter (1837–1903), inspired by the decimal classification of his contemporary Melvil Dewey, originally developed his own classification scheme for the collections of the Boston Athenaeum, at which he served as librarian for two dozen years. He began work on it about 1880 and published the first schedules in the early 1890s. His five-volume catalogue of the Athenaeum collection is a classic in bibliographic history.

Helecon asiasanasto

"HELECON-palvelut ovat kirjaston omaa sisältötuotantoa ja erikoispalvelu asiakkaillemme. HELECON on rekisteröity tavaramerkki. Palvelulla on pitkät perinteet vuodesta 1975 lähtien, jollon Finnish Periodicals Index FINP perustettiin silloisessa Helsingin kauppakorkeakoulussa. Tietokantoja ja hakusanastoja päivitetään jatkuvasti laajasta tietomassasta."

"HELECON-services are library's own content production and a special service for our customers. HELECON is a registered trademark. The service has a long tradition since 1975. Finnish Periodicals Index FINP founded what was then known as the Helsinki School of Economics. The databases are constantly updated and excerpt from a wide mass of information."

Digital Humanities Thesaurus

"The Digital Humanities Thesaurus is a subject thesaurus covering the topic of digital humanities, and it is intended to be used for indexing Digital Humanities projects and articles. The terms in this thesaurus are arranged into hierarchical sections. Within each section terms are listed in alphabetical order. There is a search bar in the upper right hand corner, and also an 'Advanced Search' option in the top menu bar." 7568 Terms, 8166 Relations between terms, 323 Non preferred terms.

Monarch Method

"Three years ago, with the help of some dedicated library volunteers, I decided I was 'Done with Dewey' - we built our own classification system from the ground up based on how my students and staff search for books. I call it the Monarch Method. The best comparison is that it makes looking for books in my library similar to buying a book online through Amazon."

Vocabulário Controlado do SIBi/USP

"O Vocabulário Controlado USP, é uma lista de assuntos utilizada para a indexação de recursos de informação no Banco de Dados Bibliográficos da USP – DEDALUS. O Vocabulário abrange as áreas do conhecimento inerentes às atividades de ensino, pesquisa e extensão da Universidade de São Paulo, e é constituído de termos de entrada, entre os autorizados para indexação, os termos "não-autorizados", que operam como remissivas, e os elos "falsos", os quais apenas agrupam termos mais específicos.

"The USP Controlled Vocabulary is a list of subjects used for the indexing of information resources in the Bibliographic Database of USP - DEDALUS. The Vocabulary covers the areas of knowledge inherent to the teaching, research and extension activities of the University of São Paulo. The USP Controlled Vocabulary can be used by the information units to index their collections through a query in that interface (Website); However, it will not be available for export to systems outside of USP.