001 Knowledge


Web NDL Authorities is a service by the National Diet Library (NDL), Japan, to access authority data created and maintained by the NDL. Name headings or Subject headings are assigned to the bibliographic data to distinguish different people with the same name or to identify people who use pseudonyms, nonstandard spellings, transliterated names, or other variants. To control these headings, authority data is organized to indicate alternative headings, synonyms, and the basis of choice for the headings.

Step by Step Classification

"Step by Step Classification (SSC) is a formula-based library classification scheme. The classification number (CN) of a document can be derived based on a single formula CN = I date. Each letter I date is an element representing discipline, area, time, and extra information respectively covered in the text of the classifying document. Each element is prefixed to the respective class number which is useful in locating a document in the library. To provide classification numbers certain devices like NDA, CD, and LDD are provided.

Bibliographisches System der gesammten Wissenschaftskunde

"Ich übergebe der gelehrten Welt nachstehendes Werk ungeachtet seiner von mir selbst wohl am wenigsten verkannten Mängel dennoch mit der Zuversicht dass es einem von Vielen gefühlten Bedürfnisse entsprechen und auch wohl grossentheils abhelfen werde. Meiner Absict nach ist es, was schon der Titel nachweist, nicht bloss für Bibliothecare bestimmt, da darauf gleichfalls die Anordnung verschiedenartiger Papiere gegründet werden kann, wie z.B.

"The BC consists of 14 main topics which are arranged in 25 main classes. This is achieved by dividing some topics, such as History and Literature, into a number of main classes. (...) The BC uses an alphanumeric system of notation which, as Schleiermacher himself pointed out, is a system that was well known in Europe before 1800. Frederik Rostgaard (...) used letters of the roman alphabet to identify main classes, and long before Rostgaard the system had been used in medieval cloister libraries.