PRISME Thesaurus

"Ce thésaurus dont la réalisation avait été envisagée dès les premières rencontres du groupe "GREDIN" a été mis au point au fil de séances de travail qui se sont déroulées à partir de 1976 et qui ont bénéficié de la participation d'un très grand nombre de bibliothécaires et documentalistes du secteur social et médico-social, afin de prendre en compte les entrées des différents vocabulaires utilisés au sein des organismes dans leurs diversités et leurs spécificités disciplinaire, administrative et idéologique.

"This thesaurus, the implementation of which was envisaged at the first meetings of the" GREDIN "group, was developed during the working sessions which took place from 1976 and which benefited from the participation of a very large number Librarians and documentalists in the social and medico-social sector, in order to take into account the entries of the different vocabularies used within the organizations in their diversities and their disciplinary, administrative and ideological specificities.

SCIS Subject Headings

"Includes subject headings specific to Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands. Free 5 day trial, customers pay an annual subscription fee. SCIS Subject Headings is a comprehensive controlled vocabulary developed specifically to provide subject access in library catalogues in Australian and New Zealand schools. Both SCIS Subject Headings and Schools Online Thesaurus terms are used by SCIS Cataloguing Agencies when selecting or devising appropriate subject access for resources added to the SCIS database.

Education Resources Information Center Thesaurus

"The Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors (Thesaurus) is a controlled vocabulary – a carefully selected list of education-related words and phrases assigned to ERIC records to organize them by subject and make them easier to retrieve through a search. Searching by Descriptors involves selecting relevant terms from this controlled vocabulary to locate information on your topic. While you can also search ERIC using keywords of your choosing, you will get more precise search results if you use Thesaurus terms.

Art Full Text Thesaurus

"More than simply a resource for art students and art historians, Art Full Text rounds out the research experience for those studying other fields, such as women’s, media or cultural studies; history; anthropology; industrial design; and other related areas of study. Researchers are able to track the careers of artists and review their materials and methods, and can find books by and about artists, as well as interviews, profiles and much more. Indexing of art reproductions provides examples of styles and art movements, including works by emerging artists."