Vocabulary Of Attribution and Governance

"VOAG stands for 'Vocabulary Of Attribution and Governance'. The ontology is intended to specify licensing, attribution, provenance and governance of an ontology. VOAG captures many common license types and their restrictions. Where a license requires attribution, VOAG provides resources that allow the attribution should be made. Provenance is defined in terms of source and pedigree. A miminal model of governance is provided based on how issues, releases and changes are managed.

WIKI tool Model

"A partir del análisis de diversos sistemas, como MediaWiki, Confluence o DokuWiki, se ha diseñado este vocabulario. Téngase en cuenta que este modelo no describe completamente el modelo conceptual de todos los tipos de sistemas wiki, sino sólo de los elementos principales."

"From the study of different wiki systems, such as MediaWiki, Confluence or DokuWiki, this vocabulary has designed. Note that this vocabulary does not fully describe the conceptual model of all types of the wiki systems, but only their main elements."