Title Rating DDC ILC EuroVoc
Archivo Linz de la Transición española Tesauro 1,301 points 070 Documentary media, educational media, news media; journalism; publishing, 946 Spain, Andorra, Gibraltar, Portugal press, Spain
Schema di Classificazione Infanzia e Adolescenza 1,300 points 370 Education child, young person
USC Shoah Foundation Institute Thesaurus 1,300 points 296 Judaism, 300 Social sciences crime against humanity, Jew
Hochschule Konstanz Technik, Wirtschaft und Gestaltung Bibliothekssystematik 1,300 points 330 Economics, 600 Technology (Applied sciences), 700 The Arts arts, economics, technology
Powerhouse Museum Object Names Thesaurus 1,300 points 069 Museology (Museum science), 001 Knowledge museum, 3606 natural and applied sciences
National Information Center for Educational Media Thesaurus 1,299 points 370 Education, 791 Public performances education, means of communication
Diccionari de fusteria 1,297 points 634 Orchards, fruits, forestry forest
Vocabulaire de l'Équipement, des Transports et du Tourisme 1,297 points 388 Transportation, 790 Recreational and performing arts tourism, maritime transport, air transport
International Classification for Standards 1,296 points 600 Technology (Applied sciences) technology
International Classification for Industrial Designs 1,296 points 745 Decorative arts product design
Wisconsin Thesaurus 1,296 points 320 Political science (Politics and government), 977 North central United States local government, United States
Open Research Glossary 1,296 points 001 Knowledge, 005 Computer programming, programs and data open access publishing, research
Nature Publishing Group Subject Ontology 1,296 points 001 Knowledge, 378 Higher education (Tertiary education) scientific research
CaLAThe 1,296 points 333 Economics of land and energy land and buildings
INIS Interactive Multilingual Thesaurus 1,295 points 539 Modern physics nuclear energy
Diccionari d'immunologia 1,295 points 571 Physiology and related subjects, 616 Diseases immunology
Thomson Reuters Business Classification 1,295 points 330 Economics economy
Theology in Aotearoa New Zealand: An Annotated Bibliography under Subject Headings 1,294 points 200 Religion theology, New Zealand
Forum on Information Standards in Heritage Manner of Loss 1,293 points 387 Water, air, space transportation vessel, aircraft
Humanities and Social Science Electronic Thesaurus 1,293 points 300 Social sciences 3611 humanities, social sciences
CRS Named-Entity Subject Terms Used in THOMAS 1,291 points 320 Political science (Politics and government), 910 Geography and travel government, geography
Diccionari de dret administratiu 1,291 points 342 Constitutional and administrative law administrative law
Thésaurus juridique belge 1,291 points 340 Law, 949 Other parts of Europe legal science, Belgium
Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts Thesaurus 1,291 points 551 Geology, hydrology, meteorology, 639 Hunting, fishing, conservation, related technologies aquatic environment, fishing industry
ISO 4271 Currency Codes 1,290 points 332 Financial economics
Systematik für Spitzen und Stickereien 1,290 points 391 Costume and personal appearance, 646 Sewing, clothing, management of personal and family life, 687 Clothing and accessories clothing
Thesaurus zur deutsch-jüdischen Geschichte 1,290 points 296 Judaism, 943 Germany and neighboring central European countries Judaism, history, Germany
Aquo-lex 1,290 points 551 Geology, hydrology, meteorology water
Controlled Vocabularies for Use in Rare Book and Special Collections Cataloging 1,289 points 026 Libraries, archives, information centers devoted to specific subjects, 090 Manuscripts and rare books book trade
ZIZO Jeugd 1,289 points 002 The book young person, document indexing
Bodleian Old Theology Library Scheme 1,289 points 200 Religion theology
Kirjallisuudentutkimuksen ontologia 1,289 points 800 Literature (Belles-lettres) and rhetoric literature
Education, Skills and Children's Services Thesaurus 1,288 points 360 Social problems and services; associations, 370 Education social work, education
Catàleg d’autoritats de noms i títols de Catalunya 1,286 points 929 Genealogy, names, insignia Catalonia
International Standard Classification of Education 1,286 points 370 Education education
Tesauro de Historia Contemporánea de España 1,286 points 946 Spain, Andorra, Gibraltar, Portugal contemporary history, Spain
Australian Cross-curriculum Priority 1,286 points 370 Education culture, education
Forum on Information Standards in Heritage Nationality 1,285 points 387 Water, air, space transportation ship's flag, vessel, aircraft
Agrotezaver: Flora in Favna 1,284 points 580 Plants, 590 Animals botany, animal life
Philanthropy Classification System 1,284 points 361 Social problems and services non-profit organisation
Eksegetiikan ja judaistiikan hyllyluokitus 1,284 points 220 Bible, 296 Judaism Judaism, sacred text
Diccionari de neurociència 1,284 points 573 Specific physiological systems in animals, regional histology and physiology in animals neurobiology
Thesaurus Brasileiro da Educação 1,283 points 370 Education, 981 Brazil education, Brazil
BIRTH Television Archive Multilingual Thesaurus 1,283 points 791 Public performances television
Słownik słów kluczowych z teologii 1,282 points 282 Roman Catholic Church Catholicism
Diccionari de dret civil 1,282 points 346 Private law civil law
ASFA and Oceanic Abstracts Classification Codes 1,281 points 551 Geology, hydrology, meteorology, 639 Hunting, fishing, conservation, related technologies oceanography, aquatic environment, fishing industry
TEsauro SEnato per l'Organizzazione dei documenti parlamentari 1,280 points 320 Political science (Politics and government), 945 Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, Malta politics, Italy
Geopressured Geothermal Bibliography 1,280 points 551 Geology, hydrology, meteorology, 621 Applied physics geothermal energy
Kielitieteen asiasanasto 1,279 points 410 Linguistics linguistics
Institut für Zeitgeschichte Bibliothekssystematik 1,278 points 940 History of Europe, 943 Germany and neighboring central European countries contemporary history, 7206 Europe, Germany
Systematik zur Beschreibung, Eingabe und Verarbeitung kunsttechnologischer Informationen für Zeichnungen auf Papier in Datenbanken 1,278 points 741 Drawing and drawings xg: drawings fine arts
International Social Security Association Social Security Thesaurus 1,278 points 360 Social problems and services; associations social security
Systematik der Klassischen Philologie 1,278 points 470 Latin and related Italic languages, 870 Latin literature and literatures of related Italic languages literature, linguistics
Incluseum Metadata Schema 1,276 points 069 Museology (Museum science), 362 Social problems of and services to groups of people social integration, museum
Valokuvausalan ontologia 1,276 points 770 Photography, computer art, cinematography, videography visual arts
Population/Fertility Control Thesaurus 1,275 points 303 Social processes, 618 Gynecology, obstetrics, pediatrics, geriatrics birth control, population dynamics
Software Package 1,275 points 005 Computer programming, programs and data statistics, data processing
Diccionaris cartogràfics 1,275 points 912 Graphic representations of surface of earth and of extraterrestrial worlds cartography
Lèxic de les Comunitats Europees 1,274 points 321 Systems of governments and states European Union
Communication Thesaurus 1,274 points 384 Communications, 791 Public performances 3226 communications
Thésaurus en Éducation pour la Santé 1,274 points 370 Education, 610 Medicine and health se: schools, sh: health care health education
Gregorius Thesaurus 1,273 points 282 Roman Catholic Church, 340 Law canon law
Alanmukaiset hyllyluokat 1,273 points 500 Science, 600 Technology (Applied sciences) 3606 natural and applied sciences
Linguaggiodonna 1,273 points 300 Social sciences women's movement, woman
Motif-Index of Folk-Literature 1,272 points 398 Folklore literature, regional culture
Accident/Incident Data Reporting Taxonomy 1,272 points 629 Other branches of engineering civil aviation
Australian Standard Classification of Education 1,272 points 370 Education, 994 Australia education
Norsk-tysk juridisk terminologi 1,272 points 340 Law 12 LAW
International Index to Film Periodicals Subject Headings 1,271 points 791 Public performances film production
Systematik Musik / Theater 1,270 points 780 Music, 792 Stage presentations music, performing arts
Solar System SKOS Ontology Model 1,269 points 520 Astronomy astronomy
German Military Dictionary 1,269 points 355 Military science military science
BBC Wildlife Ontology 1,268 points 590 Animals animal life
Library of Congress Demographic Group Terms 1,268 points 305 Groups of people 2821 social framework
Plan de Classement de la Bibliographie Fribourgeoise 1,268 points 001 Knowledge document indexing, Switzerland
Kulttuurien tutkimuksen ontologia 1,267 points 390 Customs, etiquette, folklore social and cultural anthropology
Australian Pictorial Thesaurus 1,266 points 700 The Arts graphic illustration, document indexing
Base Arcade Thésaurus 1,265 points 700 The Arts arts, modern history
日本十進分類法 1,265 points 001 Knowledge, 025 Operations of libraries, archives, information centers
Legislative Indexing Vocabulary 1,265 points 328 The legislative process public policy, legislation
Preservation Schemes 1,265 points 025 Operations of libraries, archives, information centers documentation
Deskriptoren / Schlagwörter der Bibliothekssystematik 1,264 points 300 Social sciences social sciences, technology
Strokesaurus 1,264 points 616 Diseases disease of the nervous system
Raumsystematik der Nordrhein-Westfälischen Bibliographie 1,263 points 914 Geography of and travel in Europe geography, North Rhine-Westphalia
Bibliographisches System der gesammten Wissenschaftskunde 1,263 points 001 Knowledge, 025 Operations of libraries, archives, information centers V: general class document indexing
Environmental/Chemical thesaurus 1,262 points 540 Chemistry, 577 Ecology ecology, chemistry
The International Classification of Non-profit Organizations 1,262 points 346 Private law, 361 Social problems and services non-profit organisation
Strongs Greek-English Glossary 1,261 points 225 New Testament sacred text
Time Zone 1,260 points 005 Computer programming, programs and data data processing
System for Information on Grey Literature in Europe Classification 1,260 points 001 Knowledge, 378 Higher education (Tertiary education) higher education, grey literature, document indexing
Aufstellungssystematik Anglistik 1,260 points 420 English and Old English (Anglo-Saxon), 820 English and Old English (Anglo-Saxon) literatures literature, language
Homosaurus 1,260 points 305 Groups of people sexuality
Porth Termau Cenedlaethol Cymru 1,259 points 491 East Indo-European and Celtic languages language, Wales
Musteraktenplan für Schulgemeinden 1,259 points 371 Schools and their activities; special education educational administration, Switzerland
New Zealand Soil Classification 1,259 points 550 Earth sciences New Zealand, soil science
European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System Glossary 1,259 points 378 Higher education (Tertiary education) higher education
Puolustushallinnon ontologia 1,258 points 355 Military science military science
Type of Telephone 1,257 points 384 Communications telephone
Faceted Application of Subject Terminology 1,257 points 001 Knowledge document indexing