Title Rating DDC ILC EuroVoc
International Geotechnical Classification System 1,550 points 551 Geology, hydrology, meteorology, 624 Civil engineering geology, civil engineering
National Occupational Classification 1,550 points 331 Labor economics 4406 employment
Diccionari d'homeopatia 1,550 points 615 Pharmacology and therapeutics alternative medicine
CEWS-Kategorien "Frauen in Wissenschaft und Forschung" 1,548 points 300 Social sciences woman, higher education, social sciences, research
Tesauro del Medio Ambiente para América Latina y el Caribe 1,547 points 577 Ecology Latin America, ecology
International Labour Organization Thesaurus 1,546 points 330 Economics work
Health Canada Controlled Subject Vocabulary 1,546 points 610 Medicine and health, 971 Canada sh: health care public health, Canada
Utah Taxonomy 1,543 points 979 Great Basin and Pacific Slope region of United States document indexing, United States
National Center for Biotechnology Information Taxonomy 1,543 points 576 Genetics and evolution genetics
Nuovo Soggettario Thesaurus 1,543 points 001 Knowledge, 025 Operations of libraries, archives, information centers V: general class, sgl: libraries document indexing
Social Semantic Web Thesaurus 1,543 points 006 Special computer methods, 025 Operations of libraries, archives, information centers data transmission, Internet
Schemi di Classificazione 1,543 points 200 Religion, 900 History religion, history
Eduskunnan kirjaston asiasanasto 1,542 points 320 Political science (Politics and government), 948 Scandinavia parliament, Finland
Gattungs- und Sachbegriffe der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Alte Drucke beim GBV 1,540 points 809 History, description, critical appraisal of more than two literatures
Australian Standard Geographical Classification 1,540 points 910 Geography and travel, 994 Australia geography
New Zealand Framework for Cultural Statistics 1,539 points 306 Culture and institutions culture, New Zealand
Ontology of Mouse Developmental Anatomy 1,538 points 576 Genetics and evolution, 599 Mammalia (Mammals) genetics, animal experimentation
Diccionari casteller 1,536 points 720 Architecture 0821 defence, architectural heritage
Diccionari dels esports olímpics 1,536 points 790 Recreational and performing arts Olympic games
Forum on Information Standards in Heritage Heritage Crime 1,535 points 344 Labor, social service, education, cultural law, 941 British Isles cultural heritage, United Kingdom
Medical Subject Headings 1,535 points 610 Medicine and health sh: health care medicine
Diccionari de psiquiatria 1,533 points 616 Diseases psychiatry
Canadian Feminist Thesaurus 1,533 points 300 Social sciences women's movement, woman
Sygehusvæsnets Klassifikationssystem 1,532 points 610 Medicine and health sh: health care medical institution
POPLINE Keyword Guide 1,531 points 300 Social sciences, 610 Medicine and health sh: health care demography
MusicMoz Music Styles 1,529 points 780 Music music
United States Department of Agriculture Thesaurus 1,528 points 630 Agriculture agronomy
KVINNSAM Ämnesordslista 1,528 points 300 Social sciences, 948 Scandinavia man, woman, Northern Europe
Internet of Things Taxonomy 1,528 points 004 Computer science Internet
Classification Systématique Brunet-Parguez-Coulouma 1,526 points 094 Printed books book trade, history
Biological Collections Ontology 1,525 points 069 Museology (Museum science), 570 Biology museum, biology
Thesaurus Italiano Infanzia e Adolescenza 1,525 points 370 Education child, young person
LOINC 1,525 points 616 Diseases medical examination
TSR-ontologia 1,524 points 330 Economics work
Vocabulary Relation 1,524 points 003 Systems information system
Gender Inn Suchindex 1,523 points 300 Social sciences, 810 American literature in English, 820 English and Old English (Anglo-Saxon) literatures man, woman
AFO - Luonnonvara- ja ympäristöontologia 1,523 points 630 Agriculture agronomy
Presentatiesysteem Informatieve Media 1,522 points 027 General libraries, archives, information centers document indexing, public library
Ordnøkkelen – tesaurus for kulturminnevern 1,521 points 948 Scandinavia cultural heritage
Diccionari de recerca clínica de medicaments 1,521 points 615 Pharmacology and therapeutics medicament
Słownik Terminologiczny z Zakresu Bibliografii i Katalogowania 1,521 points 010 Bibliography, 025 Operations of libraries, archives, information centers bibliography, cataloguing
Terminologia del comerç electrònic 1,519 points 381 Commerce (Trade) electronic commerce
Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Studies Thesauri 1,519 points 305 Groups of people, 994 Australia indigenous population
SMGloM 1,519 points 510 Mathematics mathematics
AP News Taxonomy 1,518 points 070 Documentary media, educational media, news media; journalism; publishing press
Simple Lithology 1,518 points 552 Petrology petrology
Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Thesaurus 1,517 points 384 Communications, 791 Public performances telecommunications, mass media
Historic England Periods Authority File 1,517 points 942 England and Wales history, United Kingdom
Índice de Revistas de Educación Superior e Investigación Educativa Vocabulario Controlada 1,516 points 370 Education, 378 Higher education (Tertiary education) education, higher education
Liste d'Autorité Contexte Historique pour l'Indexation des Archives Locales 1,515 points 900 History history
Thesaurus of Occupational Therapy Subject Headings 1,515 points 615 Pharmacology and therapeutics therapeutics
Thesaurus of Environmental Education Terms 1,514 points 370 Education, 577 Ecology, 639 Hunting, fishing, conservation, related technologies environmental education
International Standard Identifier for Libraries and Related Organizations 1,514 points 027 General libraries, archives, information centers, 026 Libraries, archives, information centers devoted to specific subjects, 708 Galleries, museums, private collections of fine and decorative arts
Info-Muse Classification System for Fine Arts and Decorative Arts museums 1,513 points 069 Museology (Museum science), 700 The Arts fine arts, museum
한국십진분류법 1,512 points 001 Knowledge, 025 Operations of libraries, archives, information centers V: general class document indexing
Aufstellungssystematik Germanistik 1,511 points 430 German and related languages, 830 German literature and literatures of related languages literature, language
Canada Revenue Agency Controlled Subject Vocabulary 1,510 points 336 Public finance, 971 Canada tax, Canada
Schema di Classificazione 1,510 points 150 Psychology, 616 Diseases psychiatry, psychology
Publishing and Depository Services Program Subject Thesaurus 1,510 points 351 Public administration, 971 Canada public administration
Minimal Anatomy Terminology 1,507 points 571 Physiology and related subjects, 610 Medicine and health m: organisms, sh: health care anatomy
Metatietosanasto 1,507 points 025 Operations of libraries, archives, information centers metadata
Local Government Category List 1,506 points 351 Public administration public administration, United Kingdom
Australian Curriculum Element 1,505 points 370 Education teaching curriculum
UniProt Taxonomy 1,504 points 570 Biology biodiversity
Biomedical Resource Ontology 1,504 points 004 Computer science, 570 Biology computer systems, life sciences
Tesauro Online 1,503 points 150 Psychology psychoanalysis
Bibliografia Historii Śląska Systematyka 1,503 points 943 Germany and neighboring central European countries history, Poland
Merenkulkualan ontologia 1,503 points 387 Water, air, space transportation maritime shipping
LIDO Terminology Actor Type 1,502 points 025 Operations of libraries, archives, information centers documentation
Uniclass 1,502 points 690 Construction of buildings building industry
LIDO Terminology Identifier Type 1,502 points 025 Operations of libraries, archives, information centers documentation
pbcoreRelationType Vocabulary 1,502 points 302 Social interaction means of communication
Community Engagement Elective Classification 1,501 points 378 Higher education (Tertiary education), 973 United States higher education, United States
Australian and New Zealand Standard Product Classification 1,501 points 381 Commerce (Trade), 993 New Zealand, 994 Australia primary product, Australia, New Zealand
Iwi-Hapū Names List 1,501 points 305 Groups of people, 993 New Zealand indigenous population, New Zealand
Product Types Ontology 1,500 points 338 Production goods and services
Tesauro de Biología 1,499 points 570 Biology biology
Trabajo Social 1,499 points 360 Social problems and services; associations social work
Arquitectura 1,499 points 720 Architecture architecture
Activity Coding List for Harmonised European Time Use Surveys 1,499 points 310 Statistics statistics
Diccionari dels mercats financers 1,499 points 332 Financial economics financial market
Timeline Ontology 1,498 points 621 Applied physics, 780 Music music, audiovisual document
JURIVOC 1,498 points 340 Law, 949 Other parts of Europe legal science, Switzerland
Defence Technological and Scientific Thesaurus 1,497 points 500 Science, 620 Engineering 3606 natural and applied sciences, technology
Vocabulari bàsic dels grans magatzems 1,496 points 338 Production goods and services
DAMT 1,495 points 300 Social sciences, 330 Economics globalisation
NPG Summary Types Ontology 1,495 points 070 Documentary media, educational media, news media; journalism; publishing summarising
International Classification of External Causes of Injury 1,495 points 617 Surgery, regional medicine, dentistry, ophthalmology, otology, audiology trauma
Thesaurus of Australian Government Subjects 1,494 points 001 Knowledge, 994 Australia government
Ontologia Camera dei Deputati 1,493 points 320 Political science (Politics and government), 945 Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, Malta Italy, politics
Diccionari de procediments culinaris 1,492 points 338 Production, 641 Food and drink catering industry
Forum on Information Standards in Heritage Historic Landscape Characterisation 1,492 points 630 Agriculture, 914 Geography of and travel in Europe land use, United Kingdom
European Training Thesaurus 1,490 points 370 Education, 940 History of Europe vocational training, 7206 Europe
Organization ID Types 1,490 points 378 Higher education (Tertiary education) educational institution
NPG Journals Ontology 1,490 points 070 Documentary media, educational media, news media; journalism; publishing publishing
Tesauro de Folclore e Cultura Popular Brasileira 1,489 points 306 Culture and institutions, 398 Folklore culture, Brazil
Centre Ressources Illettrisme Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Thésaurus 1,489 points 374 Adult education, 400 Language adult education, elimination of illiteracy
DoGi Classificazione delle materie giuridiche 1,488 points legal science
TOP-Thesaurus 1,487 points 577 Ecology, 580 Plants botany, ecology
Putnam Classification System 1,486 points 001 Knowledge