Title Rating DDC ILC EuroVoc
NPG Severity Levels Ontology 1,587 points 070 Documentary media, educational media, news media; journalism; publishing publishing
Plats a la carta 1,586 points 338 Production, 641 Food and drink catering industry
REEEP Climate Smart Thesaurus 1,585 points 333 Economics of land and energy, 551 Geology, hydrology, meteorology climate, soft energy
Utrikes Namnbok 1,585 points 351 Public administration public administration
Thésaurus Urbamet 1,584 points 577 Ecology, 710 Area planning and landscape architecture ecology, town and country planning, sustainable development
Clinician's Thesaurus 1,583 points 150 Psychology, 616 Diseases si: mental health care mental health, psychology
Systematik der Bibliographie zur Geschichte der deutschen Arbeiterbewegung 1,583 points 335 Socialism and related systems, 943 Germany and neighboring central European countries socialism, history, Germany
creatorRole and contributorRole Vocabulary 1,581 points 302 Social interaction means of communication
Compressors: Glossary of Part names 1,579 points 333 Economics of land and energy energy technology
Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Indexing Terms 1,578 points 323 Civil and political rights, 971 Canada nationality, immigration, Canada
UNESCO Thesaurus 1,577 points 001 Knowledge UNESCO
Classification of Meshblock 1,576 points 910 Geography and travel, 993 New Zealand geography, New Zealand
Statistics Canada Thesaurus 1,575 points 310 Statistics, 971 Canada statistics
IEEE Standard for Learning Object Metadata 1,575 points 370 Education learning
Bibliografia de História Contemporânea de Portugal Thesaurus 1,574 points 010 Bibliography, 946 Spain, Andorra, Gibraltar, Portugal bibliography, contemporary history, Portugal
U.S. Government Accountability Office Thesaurus 1,571 points 342 Constitutional and administrative law, 973 United States legislation, United States
Liste d'Autorité Actions pour l'Indexation des Archives Locales 1,570 points 001 Knowledge document indexing, archives
Treasures of Jewish Education Thesaurus 1,569 points 296 Judaism, 370 Education Judaism, education
Tezaure terminologice Ştiinţă şi tehnică 1,568 points 500 Science, 600 Technology (Applied sciences) arts, cultural heritage, culture, 3606 natural and applied sciences, technology
Terminologia dels esports d'aventura 1,567 points 796 Athletic and outdoor sports and games xxo: open air sports, xxi: swimming sport
Thésaurus de l'Activité Gouvernementale du Québec 1,565 points 320 Political science (Politics and government), 971 Canada government, Canada
Thesaurus Peuples, Anthroponymes, Chronologie, Toponymes, Œuvres, Lieux et Sujets 1,564 points 930 History of ancient world to ca. 499 archaeology, ancient history
Luonnonvara- ja ympäristöontologia 1,563 points 333 Economics of land and energy natural resources
Noms de mamífers marins 1,563 points 599 Mammalia (Mammals) animal life
Objektgattungen 1,560 points 069 Museology (Museum science), 700 The Arts museum, scientific research
CGI Waste Storage Vocabulary 1,560 points 363 Other social problems and services, 551 Geology, hydrology, meteorology storage of waste
Vocabulário Controlado de Artes 1,558 points 700 The Arts arts
Euskalterm 1,558 points 499 Non-Austronesian languages of Oceania, Austronesian languages, miscellaneous languages language, Basque Country
Thesaurus Technik und Management 1,557 points 600 Technology (Applied sciences), 650 Management and auxiliary services management, technology
Terveyden ja hyvinvoinnin ontologia 1,556 points 613 Personal health and safety sh: health care, sl: welfare public health
Vocabulari de la responsabilitat social 1,555 points 360 Social problems and services; associations social life
Thesaurus der Bibliothek der Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung 1,553 points 335 Socialism and related systems, 943 Germany and neighboring central European countries socialism, history, Germany
Thésaurus d'Architecture, d'Urbanisme et de l'Environnement 1,552 points 577 Ecology, 710 Area planning and landscape architecture, 720 Architecture town planning, ecology
Kirjallisuudentutkimuksen, estetiikan, teatteritieteen, elokuva- ja televisiotutkimuksen hyllyluokitus 1,551 points 790 Recreational and performing arts, 800 Literature (Belles-lettres) and rhetoric literature, performing arts, film production
Teacher career stage 1,550 points 370 Education education
Long Term Ecological Research Network Controlled Vocabulary 1,549 points 577 Ecology ecology
Value Qualifier 1,548 points 003 Systems information system
Musteraktenplan für evangelisch-reformierte Kirchgemeinden 1,548 points 254 Parish administration local government, Protestantism, Switzerland
Tesauro de la Minería y Materias Afines 1,547 points 622 Mining and related operations mining industry
Europäischer Thesaurus Internationale Beziehungen und Länderkunde 1,544 points 327 International relations international relations
Paikkatieto-ontologia 1,543 points 526 Mathematical geography geographical information system
Clasificación Integrada de Revistas Científicas 1,543 points 050 General serial publications 3611 humanities, social sciences, research
European Dictionary of Skills and Competences Thesaurus 1,542 points 370 Education professional qualifications
Trefwoordenthesaurus 1,540 points 027 General libraries, archives, information centers document indexing, public library
Societat de l'informacion. Novèlas tecnologias e Internet 1,536 points 302 Social interaction information society
ISO 3166 Country Codes 1,535 points 910 Geography and travel tU: contemporary governments geography
LIDO Terminology Repository Set Type 1,535 points 025 Operations of libraries, archives, information centers documentation
English Heritage Defence Of Britain Thesaurus 1,535 points 355 Military science, 941 British Isles 0821 defence, archaeology, United Kingdom
Julkishallinnon ontologia 1,534 points 320 Political science (Politics and government), 948 Scandinavia government
NPG Relations Ontology 1,534 points 070 Documentary media, educational media, news media; journalism; publishing publishing
Systematik der Slavistik 1,533 points 491 East Indo-European and Celtic languages, 891 East Indo-European and Celtic literatures literature, linguistics, Eastern Europe
On Equal Terms: A Thesaurus for Nonsexist Indexing and Cataloging 1,533 points 020 Library and information sciences, 300 Social sciences women's movement, cataloguing, document indexing
WAVES Thesaurus 1,531 points 551 Geology, hydrology, meteorology, 639 Hunting, fishing, conservation, related technologies oceanography, aquatic environment, fishing industry
Australian and New Zealand Standard Commodity Classification 1,530 points 381 Commerce (Trade), 993 New Zealand, 994 Australia primary product, Australia, New Zealand
Kielitieteen ontologia 1,530 points 494 Altic, Uralic, Hyperborean, Dravidian languages, miscellaneous languages of south Asia, 894 Literatures of Altaic, Uralic, Hyperborean, Dravidian languages; literatures of miscellaneous languages of Southeast Asia literature, linguistics
Controle de Autoridades 1,529 points 700 The Arts arts
Classification Scheme for Illinois State Publications 1,529 points 320 Political science (Politics and government), 977 North central United States local government, United States
Iwi – New Zealand Standard Classification 1,528 points 305 Groups of people, 993 New Zealand indigenous population, New Zealand
North American Industry Classification System 1,526 points 330 Economics industrial economy
Thesaurus Mass Communication 1,526 points 384 Communications, 791 Public performances 3226 communications, mass media
Dickinson Classification 1,521 points 780 Music music
EcoLexicon 1,519 points 577 Ecology ecology
Occupational Safety and Health Thesaurus 1,518 points 330 Economics, 613 Personal health and safety sh: health care, s53: occupied as job occupational safety
Diccionari de la negociació col·lectiva 1,518 points 331 Labor economics labour market
Humanterm 1,517 points 361 Social problems and services humanitarian aid
Europeana Food and Drink Classification 1,517 points 641 Food and drink, 940 History of Europe cultural heritage, nutrition, 7206 Europe
Technical Requirement 1,516 points 370 Education education
Diccionari d’otorinolaringologia 1,516 points 617 Surgery, regional medicine, dentistry, ophthalmology, otology, audiology medicine
ISO 4791-1:1985 Laboratory Apparatus Vocabulary 1,514 points 500 Science, 600 Technology (Applied sciences) scientific apparatus
Event Ontology 1,514 points 100 Philosophy, 410 Linguistics music, linguistics, philosophy
EMBRACE Data and Methods 1,513 points 004 Computer science, 570 Biology computer systems, life sciences
@titleType Vocabulary 1,512 points 302 Social interaction means of communication
LIDO Terminology Record Type 1,512 points 025 Operations of libraries, archives, information centers documentation
Plan de Classement du Fonds Égyptologique du Chanoine Drioton 1,511 points 932 Egypt to 640 cultural heritage, Egypt
Nomenclatura de gestió universitària 1,509 points 378 Higher education (Tertiary education) university
Terminologia de fires i congressos 1,509 points 060 General organizations and museology conference proceedings
instantiationRelationType Vocabulary 1,507 points 302 Social interaction means of communication
CEWS-Kategorien "Frauen in Wissenschaft und Forschung" 1,507 points 300 Social sciences woman, higher education, social sciences, research
Instruments Tree 1,506 points 784 Instruments and Instrumental ensembles and their music musical instrument
Umwelt-Thesaurus 1,505 points 577 Ecology ecology
KAUNO 1,505 points 791 Public performances, 800 Literature (Belles-lettres) and rhetoric arts
Systematische Buchaufstellung Altertumswissenschaft, Klassische Philologie 1,505 points 470 Latin and related Italic languages, 480 Classical Greek and related Hellenic languages, 870 Latin literature and literatures of related Italic languages, 880 Classical Greek literature and literatures of related Hellenic languages, 930 History of ancient world to ca. 499 literature, linguistics, ancient history
Type of Note 1,504 points 005 Computer programming, programs and data metadata, data processing
African Studies Thesaurus 1,504 points 300 Social sciences, 960 History of Africa 3611 humanities, social sciences, Africa
Λεξικό για το αλκοόλ και τις λοιπές ψυχοδραστικές ουσίες 1,503 points 362 Social problems of and services to groups of people drug addiction, alcohol
UNESCO Institute for Statistics Glossary 1,503 points 310 Statistics statistics
iDAI.gazetteer Thesaurus 1,502 points 910 Geography and travel geography
Diccionari d'homeopatia 1,501 points 615 Pharmacology and therapeutics alternative medicine
Info-Muse Classification System for Ethnology, History and Historical Archaeology Museums 1,500 points 069 Museology (Museum science), 301 Sociology and anthropology, 900 History, 930 History of ancient world to ca. 499 museum, archaeology, social and cultural anthropology, history
Gnomon Thesaurus 1,499 points 001 Knowledge, 930 History of ancient world to ca. 499 ancient history
UNFC Code 1,499 points 553 Economic geology mineral resources
Utah Taxonomy 1,497 points 979 Great Basin and Pacific Slope region of United States document indexing, United States
Systematik der Bibliotheca Augustiniana 1,496 points 255 Religious congregations & orders Catholicism
Gazetteer of British Place Names 1,496 points 941 British Isles geography, history, United Kingdom
Numismatische Bilddatenbank Thesaurus 1,496 points 737 Numismatics and sigillography money, history
Diccionari dels esports olímpics 1,494 points 790 Recreational and performing arts Olympic games
English Heritage Maritime Place Name Thesaurus 1,493 points 911 Historical geography maritime area, geography, archaeology
Classification of the Outlays of Producers According to Purpose 1,492 points 338 Production production cost
Vocabulary Of Attribution and Governance 1,491 points 025 Operations of libraries, archives, information centers, 346 Private law semantic web, intellectual property
Social Semantic Web Thesaurus 1,491 points 006 Special computer methods, 025 Operations of libraries, archives, information centers data transmission, Internet