Title Rating DDC ILC EuroVoc
label 84 points
NEPOMUK Annotation Ontology 83 points
Press.net Tag Ontology 83 points
Dem@Care Lab Ontology for Dementia Assessment 82 points
Media Value Chain Ontology 82 points
Linked Data Platform 81 points
The Lingvoj Ontology 81 points
Modular Unified Tagging Ontology (MUTO) 81 points
Lightweight Image Ontology 81 points
Keys Ontology 80 points
Vocabulario de Localizaciones 80 points
Linking Open Descriptions of Events 78 points
Ludo Game Model Ontology 78 points
IPO - Issue Procedure Ontology 77 points
Issue Tracking tool Model 77 points
Ludo - Game Presentation 77 points
Vocabulary to describe incident response by emergency services 77 points
The myExperiment Base Ontology 76 points
MEX Core Vocabulary 76 points
km4city, the DISIT Knowledge Model for City and Mobility 76 points
Library extension of schema.org 76 points
The LOCAH RDF Vocabulary 75 points
Ispra Ontology 75 points
The Identity of Resources on the Web ontology 74 points
The Media RDF Vocabulary 74 points
ISA Programme Location Core Vocabulary 74 points
LexInfo Ontology 73 points
Decision ontology 73 points
IoT-O 73 points
Linking Ancient World Data Ontology 72 points
MEX Algorithm Ontology 72 points
Ontology for Innovation 71 points
ELSEWeb Lifemapper Parameters Ontology 70 points
RDF vocabulary to describe a Multidimensional Interface 70 points
The Linked SPARQL Queries Vocabulary (LSQ(V)) 66 points
ISO 25964 SKOS extension 66 points
Ontology of Building Accessibility 64 points
Ludo - Virtual Context 63 points
Ontology for Media Resources 63 points
Linked Data Rights (LDR) 61 points
OWL representation of ISO 19115 (Geographic Information - Metadata - Lineage package) 60 points
IoT-Lifecycle 59 points
ELSEWeb Modelling Ontology 52 points
ELSEWeb Data Ontology 39 points
Unified Foundational Ontology 15 points
General Formal Ontology 11 points
Yet Another More Advanced Top-level Ontology 9 points