Title Rating DDC ILC EuroVoc
Linking Ancient World Data Ontology 64 points
Gale Library Science Thesaurus 63 points 020 Library and information sciences library, information science
Gale Fine Arts Thesaurus 63 points 700 The Arts fine arts
DOAP Dependencies 63 points
Experience API (xAPI) 63 points
Issue Tracking tool Model 63 points
Gale Advertising Thesaurus 62 points 659 Advertising and public relations advertising
Gale Herbs and Supplements Thesaurus 62 points 581 Specific topics in natural history of plants aromatic plant
Ludo Game Model Ontology 62 points
Gale Currency and Coinage Thesaurus 62 points 332 Financial economics, 737 Numismatics and sigillography money
Gale Military and Naval Science Thesaurus 62 points 355 Military science, 359 Sea forces and warfare 0821 defence
The LOCAH RDF Vocabulary 62 points
Gale Building and Construction Thesaurus 61 points 338 Production 2846 construction and town planning, 6831 building and public works
Gale Economics Thesaurus 61 points 330 Economics economics
Keys Ontology 61 points
Vocabulario de Localizaciones 61 points
The Machine-to-Machine Measurement (M3) Lite Ontology 61 points
RDF vocabulary to describe a Multidimensional Interface 61 points
Ludo - Game Presentation 60 points
Ludo - Virtual Context 60 points
ISA Programme Location Core Vocabulary 60 points
Gale Accounting Thesaurus 59 points 658 General management 4026 accounting
MEX Core Vocabulary 59 points
Gale Electronics Thesaurus 59 points 621 Applied physics electronics
Gale Aeronautics and Astronautics Thesaurus 58 points 629 Other branches of engineering 4826 air and space transport
km4city, the DISIT Knowledge Model for City and Mobility 58 points
Gale Automotive Thesaurus 58 points 629 Other branches of engineering motor vehicle
Media Value Chain Ontology 58 points
Ontology for Media Resources 58 points
Gale Health and Medicine Thesaurus 57 points 610 Medicine and health 2841 health
ELSEWeb Lifemapper Parameters Ontology 57 points
Ontology for Innovation 57 points
MEX Algorithm Ontology 56 points
Ontology of Building Accessibility 56 points
Linking-you vocabulary 56 points
Library extension of schema.org 56 points
Gale Facilities Thesaurus 55 points 338 Production industrial infrastructure
Gale Finance Thesaurus 55 points 332 Financial economics financing
Gale Agriculture Thesaurus 55 points 630 Agriculture 56 AGRICULTURE, FORESTRY AND FISHERIES
label 55 points
Gale Marketing Thesaurus 55 points 381 Commerce (Trade) marketing
IoT-Lifecycle 55 points
Gale Alternative Medicine Thesaurus 55 points 610 Medicine and health alternative medicine
Gale Engineering Thesaurus 55 points 620 Engineering technology
The Media RDF Vocabulary 54 points
Gale Communications Thesaurus 54 points 621 Applied physics 3226 communications
The Linked SPARQL Queries Vocabulary (LSQ(V)) 54 points
Gale Banking Thesaurus 54 points 332 Financial economics banking
Ispra Ontology 54 points
Linking Open Descriptions of Events 54 points
Gale Chemical Technology Thesaurus 53 points 660 Chemical engineering chemical industry
Gale Diseases Thesaurus 53 points 616 Diseases illness
Gale Anthropology Thesaurus 52 points 301 Sociology and anthropology social and cultural anthropology
Gale Drugs Thesaurus 52 points 615 Pharmacology and therapeutics medicament
Gale Commerce Thesaurus 52 points 381 Commerce (Trade) 20 TRADE
Gale Business Thesaurus 51 points 330 Economics 40 BUSINESS AND COMPETITION
Linked Data Rights (LDR) 51 points
Gale Industries Thesaurus 51 points 338 Production 68 INDUSTRY
Gale Investments Thesaurus 50 points 332 Financial economics investment
Gale Labor Thesaurus 50 points 331 Labor economics labour market
Gale Human Resource Management Thesaurus 50 points 331 Labor economics staff
Gale Law Thesaurus 50 points 340 Law 12 LAW
Gale Insurance Thesaurus 49 points 368 Insurance insurance
OWL representation of ISO 19115 (Geographic Information - Metadata - Lineage package) 48 points
Gale Energy Thesaurus 48 points 333 Economics of land and energy 66 ENERGY
ELSEWeb Modelling Ontology 45 points
ISO 25964 SKOS extension 44 points
ELSEWeb Data Ontology 35 points
Library of Congress Projection 9 points
Library of Congress MARC Illustrative Content 8 points
Library of Congress Carriers 8 points
Library of Congress MARC File Type 7 points
Library of Congress Video Format 7 points
Library of Congress Description Conventions 7 points
Library of Congress MARC Encoding Level 7 points
Library of Congress Content Types 6 points
Library of Congress MARC Countries 6 points
Library of Congress MARC Geographic Areas 5 points
ZDB-Fachgruppensystematik 3 points
ISOCAT 3 points
Klassifikation des Hochschulkompass 3 points
Library of Congress Classification Schemes 2 points
Klassifikation der Brettspiele 2 points
Library of Congress Subject Schemes 1 points
Library of Congress Cultural Heritage Organizations 1 points
Library of Congress MARC Genre Terms 1 points
Klassifikation der Kartenspiele 1 points
Library of Congress Genre/Form Schemes 1 points