Title Rating DDC ILC EuroVoc
Gale Advertising Thesaurus 148 points 659 Advertising and public relations advertising
OWL for Observations 146 points
ISO 19156 Observation Model 145 points
The Data Quality Constraints Library 145 points
Public Contracts Ontology 144 points
MARC Code List for Relators 144 points
Data Reference Model 143 points
Ontology annotation DLiser vocabulary 143 points
The visualization vocabulary for LOD applications 142 points
Gale Finance Thesaurus 142 points 332 Financial economics financing
The administrative geography and civil voting area ontology 141 points
Ontologie du Service Public 141 points
The Linked Earth Ontology 140 points
Playlist Ontology 140 points
ISA Programme Person Core Vocabulary 140 points
The EPCIS Event Model 140 points
Open-Multinet Upper Federation Ontology 138 points
Open Data Applications Vocabulary 138 points
Ontopic Ontology 137 points
PPROC ontology 136 points
Participation Schema 135 points
Ordnance Survey Topography Ontology 133 points
Process Execution ontology. 132 points
SNaP Identifier Ontology 132 points
Discourse relationships vocabulary 130 points
Payments ontology 129 points
Open Provenance Model 129 points
OpenVocab 129 points
The Data Quality Management Vocabulary 129 points
Parliament Ontology 128 points
Europeana Data Model vocabulary 128 points
PASSIM ontology 128 points
Document Service Ontology 128 points
Erlangen CRM / OWL 128 points
The OPMW Ontology 127 points
Open Organisations 127 points
SwetoDblp Ontology of Computer Science Publications 127 points
Data Structure Ontology 127 points
Online Presence Ontology 126 points
Privacy Preference Ontology 126 points
PREMIS Ontology 126 points
DoCO, the Document Components Ontology 125 points
The P-PLAN Ontology 123 points
Minimal Service Model 122 points
Datatype Ontology 122 points
Information Realization 121 points
The DataCite Ontology 120 points
DM2E model 120 points
OWL representation of ISO 19115 (Geographic Information - Metadata - Data quality package) 120 points
Open-Multinet Upper Lifecycle Ontology 119 points
Play Back Ontology 119 points
Library of Congress Genre/Form Schemes 119 points
Observable properties 118 points
Property Reification Vocabulary 117 points
Library of Congress Classification Schemes 116 points
Press.net Asset Ontology 116 points
The OWL 2 Schema vocabulary 116 points
Postcode Ontology 116 points
Library of Congress Cultural Heritage Organizations 115 points
Open Provenance Model Vocabulary 115 points
The Pattern Ontology 114 points
DCMI Type Vocabulary 114 points
Library of Congress MARC Genre Terms 114 points
ELSEWeb EDAC Ontology 111 points
Open NEE Configuration Model 110 points
Fridge and Freezer Vocabulary 110 points
OSLO Exchange Standard 110 points
DITA RDF ontology 110 points
HTTP in RDF 109 points
Open 311 Ontology: An Ontology for publishing a city's non-emergency events. 108 points
NEPOMUK Contact Ontology 108 points
DDI-RDF Discovery Vocabulary 108 points
Patch Request Ontology 108 points
LOTED ontology 108 points
Marl Ontology Specification 107 points
SWAP Logic Ontology 107 points
Presentation of Resources for Interoperable Semantic and Shareable Mobile Adaptability 106 points
Description of a Project vocabulary 106 points
Works, licences, derivatives and dependencies 106 points
Physical Data Description 106 points
Winner selection status Name Authority List 106 points 001 Knowledge V: general class government
Dataset Usage Vocabulary 105 points
Spatial Relations Ontology 105 points
PML2 provenance ontology 105 points
Project Documents Ontology 105 points
Data Provider Node ontology 104 points
Press.net Classification Ontology 104 points
PersonLink Ontology 103 points
Measurement Ontology 103 points
DOLCE+DnS Ultralite 102 points
Ontology Modeling for Intelligent Domotic Environments 101 points
Press.net Event Ontology 101 points
Provenance, Authoring and Versioning 101 points
Press.net Stuff Ontology 101 points
Document collection Name Authority List 101 points 001 Knowledge V: general class government
OntoMedia Space Representation 100 points
Metadata Authority Description Schema 100 points
NEPOMUK Calendar Ontology 100 points
Lifecycle Schema 100 points
License Model Ontology 100 points