Title Rating DDC ILC EuroVoc
Alliance of Information and Referral Services (AIRS) Vocabulary 277 points
Audio Features Ontology 277 points
UPIANA Classification Scheme 277 points 378 Higher education (Tertiary education) higher education, document indexing
Smart Home Weather 276 points
SEAS ontology 275 points
Klassifikation der Brettspiele 272 points
Accomodation Ontology 271 points
Agent Certification Ontology 271 points
KBpedia 270 points 001 Knowledge semantic web
SALT Annotation Ontology 269 points
SPIN Inferencing Vocabulary 268 points
SQL Abstract Syntax Trees Vocabulary 268 points
Software Process Control Model 268 points
AGLS Metadata Terms 265 points
SDMX Dimension 264 points
Representing Content in RDF 260 points
ACM Classification Ontology 260 points
NeoGeo Spatial Ontology 260 points
Money Aggregate Vocabulary 257 points 332 Financial economics money supply
Gale Fine Arts Thesaurus 255 points 700 The Arts fine arts
Gale Medical Personnel, Occupations and Services Thesaurus 251 points 610 Medicine and health health service, health care
Semantic Web Conference Ontology 250 points
Government Data Vocabulary 249 points
SAN (Semantic Actuator Network) 247 points
SORON: Social Relationships ONtology 247 points
Gale Earth Sciences Thesaurus 247 points 550 Earth sciences and geology earth sciences, geology
ISOCAT 246 points
Simple Service Status Ontology 246 points
Basic Access Control ontology 246 points
Graph Authority 246 points
SKOS eXtension for Labels 245 points
Gale Pathogens Thesaurus 244 points 616 Diseases illness
OGC GeoSPARQL 243 points
Getty Vocabulary Program ontology 242 points
hRESTS Ontology 242 points
SUMMA Vocabulary 241 points
Library of Congress MARC Illustrative Content 240 points
Semantic Trajectory Episodes 240 points
CINAHL Subject Headings 239 points 610 Medicine and health nursing care
Library of Congress MARC File Type 239 points
Klassifikation der Kartenspiele 238 points
Generic Specific Ontology 238 points
OWL representation of ISO 19107 (Geographic Information) 237 points
The Stop Times ontology 237 points
Gale Health and Medicine Thesaurus 237 points 610 Medicine and health 2841 health
SPIN SPARQL Syntax 235 points
The vocabulary for (L)OD ideas and applications 234 points
Library of Congress Projection 233 points
Gale Performing Arts Thesaurus 232 points 790 Recreational and performing arts performing arts
Gale Medical Equipment, Technology and Procedures Thesaurus 231 points 681 Precision instruments and other devices medical device
Gale Public Relations Thesaurus 231 points 659 Advertising and public relations public relations
Simple Network Access Rights Management Ontology 231 points
Gale Materials Technology Thesaurus 229 points 670 Manufacturing materials technology
General Transit Feed Specification 228 points
SALT Rhetorical Ontology 228 points
Gale Management Thesaurus 227 points 658 General management management
The Geonames ontology 227 points
Vocabulary for Linked Genealogical Data 225 points
Systematik der Fächergruppen, Lehr- und Forschungsbereiche und Fachgebiete 225 points 378 Higher education (Tertiary education)
Gale Mathematics Thesaurus 225 points 510 Mathematics mathematics
Ontology for modelling historic administrative information 225 points
Gale Psychology Thesaurus 225 points 150 Psychology psychology
Landinndelingen i Norge 224 points
Gale History Thesaurus 222 points 900 History history
Haystack Tagging Ontology 222 points
Gale Herbs and Supplements Thesaurus 221 points 581 Specific topics in natural history of plants aromatic plant
HIFM Ontology 221 points
Gale Literature Thesaurus 220 points 800 Literature literature
Systematik der Fächergruppen, Studienbereiche und Studienfächer 220 points 378 Higher education (Tertiary education)
Gale Products and Services Thesaurus 219 points 338 Production goods and services
Library of Congress Carriers 218 points
Gale Library Science Thesaurus 218 points 020 Library and information sciences library, information science
Holding Ontology 217 points
GeoSpecies Ontology 217 points
Gale Language Thesaurus 216 points 400 Language linguistics
Library of Congress MARC Geographic Areas 215 points
oeGOV Government Core Ontology 214 points
Gale Biology Thesaurus 214 points 570 Biology biology
Ontologie des unités administratives de l'IGN 213 points
Gale Humanities Thesaurus 213 points 001 Knowledge 3611 humanities
General Ontology for Linguistic Description 213 points
OGC Geometry 212 points
Home Activity 212 points
Library of Congress MARC Encoding Level 212 points
Gale Geography Thesaurus 211 points 910 Geography and travel geography
Library of Congress Content Types 210 points
Library of Congress Video Format 205 points
Funding, Research Administration and Projects Ontology 205 points
Library of Congress Description Conventions 204 points
The Open Digital Rights Language (ODRL) Ontology 203 points
Gleaning Resource Descriptions from Dialects of Languages Vocabulary 202 points
Gale Real Estate Thesaurus 201 points real property, 2416 financial institutions and credit
FRBRer model 201 points
Gale Chemistry Thesaurus 201 points 540 Chemistry chemistry
FRAD model 200 points
The GoodRelations Ontology for Semantic Web-based E-Commerce 199 points
Ontology for conversion of ISO/TC 211 198 points
Gale Political Science Thesaurus 198 points 320 Political science political science
Gale Computing Thesaurus 197 points 004 Computer science 3236 information technology and data processing
Gale Person Type Thesaurus 197 points 305 Groups of people 2816 demography and population