Title Rating DDC ILC EuroVoc
OWL representation of ISO 19103 (Basic types package) 350 points
Creative Commons Rights Expression Language 350 points
Cognitive Characteristics Ontology 349 points
The DBpedia Ontology 348 points
OntoMedia Being Representation 347 points
ADMS Controlled Vocabularies 347 points 025 Operations of libraries, archives, information centers metadata
Gale Science Thesaurus 347 points 500 Science 36 SCIENCE
BibTeX ontology 347 points
CSV on the Web Vocabulary 345 points
Relational to Ontology Mapping Primitive 344 points
Gale Social Sciences Thesaurus 344 points 300 Social sciences social sciences
Thésaurus Ville de Paris 341 points 914 Geography of and travel in Europe Ile-de-France
Social Semantic SPARQL Security For Access Control Ontology 341 points
The Bibliographic Ontology 341 points
Sharing Ancient Wisdoms Ontology 340 points
ReSIST Courseware Ontology 339 points
The vocabulary for Co-creation Events based on Open Data 339 points
Brain Computing Interface (BCI) Ontology 339 points
Biological Taxonomy Vocabulary 0.2 (Core) 339 points
Systematik der Universitätsbibliothek Bielefeld 339 points 020 Library and information sciences higher education, document indexing
Thesaurus de Acervos Científicos em Língua Portuguesa 338 points 500 Science, 681 Precision instruments and other devices 3606 natural and applied sciences, scientific apparatus
The RDF Concepts Vocabulary 337 points
Constraint Satisfaction Problems Vocabulary 336 points
SALT Document Ontology 335 points
Schema.org CSV 335 points
Collections Ontology 334 points
Gale Sociology Thesaurus 333 points 301 Sociology and anthropology sociology
Vocabulary for Rich Site Summary (RSS) 1.0 332 points
Gale Sports and Recreation Thesaurus 332 points 796 Athletic and outdoor sports and games sport
SAREF4EE: the EEbus/Energy@home extension of SAREF 332 points
Contact 332 points
Basisregistraties adressen en gebouwen vocabulaire (BAG) 331 points
Vocabulario Controlado para México 1968: Recursos de Información 330 points 378 Higher education (Tertiary education) higher education, history, Mexico
IT Service Management Ontology 330 points 004 Computer science
SAREF: the Smart Appliances REFerence ontology 330 points
Archival collections ontology 329 points
Central Government Ontology 329 points
RDFa Vocabulary for Term and Prefix Assignment, and for Processor Graph Reporting 328 points
Brainstorm Ontology 327 points
Changeset 327 points
'Configuration as Linked Data' ontology 327 points
Document Availability Information Ontology 327 points
Gale Transportation Thesaurus 326 points 388 Transportation 48 TRANSPORT
The Sampling Features Schema Vocabulary 326 points
Conceptual Depth and Momentum 326 points
Scholarly Contributions and Roles Ontology 325 points
Linked Datex II 325 points
OWL for Sampling Features 324 points
AKT Support Ontology 324 points
BEVON: Beverage Ontology 323 points
OSLC Asset Management Vocabulary 322 points
Consumer Electronics Ontology 321 points
BIO: A vocabulary for biographical information 320 points
Helsingin kaupunginkirjaston luokitusjärjestelmä 320 points 027 General libraries, archives, information centers public library
Connectivity types 318 points
Common Tag Vocabulary 317 points
Car Options Ontology 317 points
Shoah Vocabulary Specification 317 points
Schema.org vocabulary 316 points
Internet Calendaring and Scheduling Core Object Specification 316 points
The OMRAS2 Chord Ontology 315 points
Academic Institution Internal Structure Ontology 315 points
Corporate Financial Reports and Loans Ontology 314 points
Association Ontology 313 points
Gale Taxation Thesaurus 313 points 336 Public finance 2446 taxation
Content Pattern Annotations 312 points
OntoMedia Date Part Representation 312 points
Dataset Quality Vocabulary 309 points
Atom Syndication Ontology 308 points
cartCoordOnt 308 points
Sindice Search Vocabulary 307 points
Security Ontology 306 points
The Cert Ontology 305 points
Appearances Ontology Specification 305 points
Linked Data API Vocabulary 305 points
C4O, the Citation Counting and Context Characterization Ontology 304 points
Thésaurus Culinaire 303 points 641 Food and drink nutrition
Counter Ontology 302 points
Semio, an ontology of signs 300 points
Asset Description Metadata Schema 298 points
Geologic Timescale model 297 points
DBM Ontology 297 points
The Similarity Ontology 297 points
Simple Knowledge Organization System 296 points
Sequence Pattern 293 points
The Service Ontology 292 points
Climate and Forecast (CF) standard names parameter vocabulary 292 points
The SEM Ontology 291 points
Situation Pattern 289 points
SDMX Code 289 points
Agent Relationship Ontology 288 points
Semantically-Interlinked Online Communities 287 points
Simplified Features Geometry 287 points
The Statistical Core Vocabulary 286 points
SPARQL 1.1 Service Description 285 points
SDMX-RDF vocabulary 284 points
SmartProducts Food Domain Model 280 points
SPITFIRE Ontology 279 points
CERISE CIM Profile for Smart Grids 278 points
Alliance of Information and Referral Services (AIRS) Vocabulary 277 points