Title Rating DDC ILC EuroVoc
Classification of Forest Products 2,159 points 674 Lumber processing, wood products, cork vf: forestry, w4d: wood wood product
Tesauro de Documentación Audiovisual 2,158 points 020 Library and information sciences, 300 Social sciences audiovisual document
Fondo Alfonso de Sierra Ochoa 2,157 points 710 Area planning and landscape architecture architecture, town planning
Human Phenotype Ontology 2,157 points 004 Computer science, 570 Biology, 599 Mammalia (Mammals) computer systems, life sciences, genetics
NEII Site Status 2,150 points 577 Ecology ecology
Proposed International Standard Nomenclature for Fields of Science and Technology 2,150 points 500 Science, 600 Technology y: knowledge higher education, document indexing, scientific library
HurtLex 2,149 points 179 Other ethical norms ethics
Schema voor de Indeling van de Systematische Catalogus in Openbare Bibliotheken 2,147 points 027 General libraries, archives, information centers V: general class, sgl: libraries document indexing, public library
Lexicul panlatin al marketingului economic 2,147 points 330 Economics, 658 General management u3m: trade, u3k: advertising, u3e: management marketing, economics
Aufstellungssystematik Slavistik 2,146 points 491 East Indo-European and Celtic languages, 891 East Indo-European and Celtic literatures literature, linguistics, Eastern Europe
Natural Hazards and Risks Thesaurus 2,142 points 550 Earth sciences j: land, ss: emergency services natural hazard
Proportion Term 2,142 points 551 Geology, hydrology, meteorology, 552 Petrology geology
Terminologia i fraseologia dels productes informàtics 2,133 points 004 Computer science wtu: computers, vw: information technology computer systems
Archivo Histórico de São Paulo Descrição Arquivística 2,132 points 020 Library and information sciences Brazil
GeoNames 2,130 points 910 Geography and travel j: land geography
Terminologia dels videojocs 2,130 points 793 Indoor games and amusements xy: entertainment, wt: information devices electronic game
Tenement Status 2,128 points 551 Geology, hydrology, meteorology, 622 Mining and related operations mining industry
Vocabulario Sobre Criminalística 2,125 points 363 Other social problems and services criminology
Tesauro de Plantas Medicinales 2,117 points 580 Plants, 615 Pharmacology and therapeutics sh9u: herbalism pharmacology, medical plant
Tesauro de Lengua y Literatura 2,115 points 400 Language, 800 Literature (Belles-lettres) and rhetoric literature, linguistics
Kestävän kehityksen kasvatuksen ontologia 2,107 points 333 Economics of land and energy, 338 Production sustainable development, environmental education
Fartygstyper 2,107 points 623 Military and nautical engineering maritime transport, vessel
Processing Activity 2,106 points 622 Mining and related operations mining industry
Taxonomy of Evaluation 2,104 points 302 Social interaction 3226 communications
Terminologia de màrqueting digital 2,100 points 659 Advertising and public relations u3m: trade, wtwsh: webchat, vw: information technology marketing
Particle Type 2,099 points 551 Geology, hydrology, meteorology, 552 Petrology geology
Linguistics Thesaurus 2,095 points 410 Linguistics linguistics
Online Coins of the Roman Empire 2,088 points 737 Numismatics and sigillography, 937 Italian Peninsula to 476 and adjacent territories to 476 money, ancient history
Lèxic d'additius alimentaris 2,086 points 641 Food and drink, 664 Food technology v8f: nutrition, fdWu: organic compounds, vq: cooking food additive
Vocabulario General de la Biblioteca Nacional de Maestros 2,078 points 370 Education, 982 Argentina education
Particle Aspect Ratio 2,071 points 551 Geology, hydrology, meteorology, 552 Petrology geology
Thesaurus für die Fachgebiete Informatik, Wirtschaft und Verkehr 2,070 points 004 Computer science, 330 Economics, 388 Transportation economy, computer systems, organisation of transport
Environmental Applications Reference Thesaurus 2,069 points 577 Ecology ny: ecosystems, ve: conservation ecology
ORCID 2,064 points 920 Biography, genealogy, insignia research
The Vagueness Ontology 2,057 points 146 Naturalism & related systems & doctrines, 410 Linguistics linguistics, philosophy
Field of Science and Technology Classification 2,056 points 001 Knowledge, 378 Higher education (Tertiary education) y: knowledge higher education, document indexing, scientific library
Particle Shape 2,056 points 551 Geology, hydrology, meteorology, 552 Petrology geology
Wortnetz Kultur 2,051 points 306 Culture and institutions, 720 Architecture w: artifacts, x: art, tUb: Germany architectural heritage, cultural object, monument
Diccionari de veterinària i ramaderia 2,049 points 630 Agriculture sh: health care, mq: animals, vo: husbandry livestock, veterinary medicine
National Geographic Society Glossary 2,045 points 300 Social sciences, 550 Earth sciences and geology, 910 Geography and travel geography, social sciences
Facet Analytical Theory in Managing Knowledge Structure for Humanities 2,044 points 200 Religion, 700 The Arts, 001 Knowledge z: religion, x: art, V: general class 3611 humanities
Coinage of the Roman Republic Online 2,044 points 737 Numismatics and sigillography, 937 Italian Peninsula to 476 and adjacent territories to 476 money, ancient history
Agricultural Communications Thesaurus 2,041 points 630 Agriculture agronomy
Microtesauro en Didáctica de las Ciencias Sociales 2,040 points 300 Social sciences, 370 Education learning, social sciences
Vocabulari de la planificació estratègica 2,039 points 330 Economics, 658 General management u3e: management marketing, consultancy
Australian and New Zealand Standard Offence Classification 2,039 points 345 Criminal law, 993 New Zealand, 994 Australia t70: offence offence, Australia, New Zealand
Tesauro Regional Patrimonial 2,038 points 390 Customs, etiquette, folklore, 972 Mexico, Central America, West Indies, Bermuda, 980 History of South America cultural heritage, Latin America
Diccionari de futbol 2,034 points 796 Athletic and outdoor sports and games xxts: soccer sport
Diccionario Electrónico de la Literatura Colombiana 2,032 points 800 Literature (Belles-lettres) and rhetoric, 986 Colombia and Ecuador literature, Colombia
EAGLE Vocabulary - Dating Criteria 2,030 points 411 Writing systems of standard forms of languages ancient history
Buchaufstellungssystematik Romanistik 2,030 points 440 French and related Romance languages, 450 Italian, Dalmatian, Romanian, Rhaetian, Sardinian, Corsican, 460 Spanish, Portuguese, Galician, 470 Latin and related Italic languages, 840 French literature and literatures of related Romance languages, 850 Literatures of Italian, Dalmatian, Romanian, Rhaetian, Sardinian, Corsican languages, 860 Literatures of Spanish, Portuguese, Galician languages, 870 Latin literature and literatures of related Italic languages literature, linguistics
AODN Discovery Parameter Vocabulary 2,024 points 551 Geology, hydrology, meteorology oceanography
United Nations Bibliographical Information System Thesaurus 2,024 points 001 Knowledge document indexing, UNO
Operationen- und Prozedurenschlüssel 2,021 points 617 Surgery, regional medicine, dentistry, ophthalmology, otology, audiology surgery
Thesaurus del corredo ecclesiastico di culto cattolico 2,011 points 282 Roman Catholic Church Catholicism
Museoalan ja taideteollisuusalan ontologia 2,010 points 069 Museology (Museum science), 700 The Arts arts, museum
RAL color codes 2,007 points 752 Color
Tekord 2,004 points 500 Science, 600 Technology (Applied sciences) 3606 natural and applied sciences, technology
Australia-Japan Research Project Keyword Thesaurus 2,003 points 355 Military science, 952 Japan, 994 Australia t363a: war, jUou: Australia, tUq: Japan military science, Japan, Australia
Bioethics Research Library Numerical Classification List 2,001 points 174 Occupational ethics bio-ethics
Taxonomy of Evaluation 2,000 points 302 Social interaction public relations
DOCAM Glossaurus 1,999 points 770 Photography, computer art, film, video visual arts
Plan de Classement de la BSI 1,997 points 338 Production, 500 Science 3606 natural and applied sciences, 68 INDUSTRY
Language Modes 1,997 points 370 Education, 400 Language education
Centre for the Study of African and Asian Christianity Classification 1,995 points 230 Christianity, 950 History of Asia, 960 History of Africa Christianity, Asia, Africa
Schema des Realkatalogs der Königlichen Universitätsbibliothek zu Halle a.S. 1,988 points 001 Knowledge document indexing
SilvaVoc Terminology 1,983 points 634 Orchards, fruits, forestry vf: forestry, nyr: forests forest
Tesauro de Ciencias Matemáticas 1,982 points 510 Mathematics mathematics
U.S. Agency for International Development Thesaurus 1,980 points 327 International relations, 337 International economics, 382 International commerce (Foreign trade) development aid
Nomisma 1,980 points 737 Numismatics and sigillography money, history
London Education Classification 1,978 points 370 Education education
FISH Archaeological Objects Thesaurus 1,977 points 930 History of ancient world to ca. 499 cultural heritage, archaeology
Diccionari de la renda 1,973 points 331 Labor economics, 336 Public finance u67: asset, u9p: employment income, tax
Thesaurus em Direito do Trabalho 1,965 points 344 Labor, social service, education, cultural law t6l: labour law labour law
British Museum Materials Thesaurus 1,964 points 069 Museology (Museum science) museum
Terminologia bàsica dels dispositius mòbils 1,960 points 384 Communications wt: information devices, vw: information technology telecommunications
Local Government Classification Scheme 1,959 points 320 Political science (Politics and government), 941 British Isles local government, United Kingdom
Thesaurus Onroerend Erfgoed Gebeurtenistypes 1,956 points 930 History of ancient world to ca. 499 archaeology
Tesauro Turístico Argentino 1,955 points 790 Recreational and performing arts, 910 Geography and travel tourism
Functions of New Zealand Thesaurus 1,954 points 993 New Zealand New Zealand
TERMPOST 1,952 points 383 Postal communication postal service
Svenska ämnesord 1,951 points 001 Knowledge, 300 Social sciences 3611 humanities, social sciences
PeriodO 1,950 points 700 The Arts, 900 History, 930 History of ancient world to ca. 499 arts, 3611 humanities, history
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Taxonomy 1,948 points 537 Electricity and electronics, 600 Technology (Applied sciences) electrotechnology
Main Means of Travel to Work – Standard Classification 1,947 points 386 Inland waterway and ferry transportation, 387 Water, air, space transportation, 388 Transportation work, organisation of transport
Systematik der Teilbibliothek Sozial- und Gesundheitswesen 1,940 points 361 Social problems and services, 613 Personal health and safety sl: welfare, sh: health care welfare, 2841 health
Terminologia de surf de neu 1,939 points 796 Athletic and outdoor sports and games xxn: winter sports sport
Banco Terminologógico Educativo 1,938 points 370 Education, 989 Paraguay and Uruguay education, Uruguay
Glosario del Colegio de Escribanos de la Provincia de Buenos Aires 1,937 points 346 Private law civil law
eMuseum Kategorien 1,934 points 069 Museology (Museum science), 700 The Arts arts, museum
Lèxic multilingüe de la indústria 1,933 points 338 Production vt: industry industrial production
Diccionari de patinatge artístic sobre gel 1,931 points 796 Athletic and outdoor sports and games xxn: winter sports sport
PICO Thesaurus 1,929 points 001 Knowledge, 945 Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, Malta culture, Italy
Period (Wales) 1,927 points 942 England and Wales history, Wales
Institut des Risques Majeurs Thésaurus 1,927 points 550 Earth sciences, 600 Technology (Applied sciences) cindynics, industrial hazard, natural hazard
instantiationGenerations Vocabulary 1,924 points 302 Social interaction means of communication
Musteraktenplan für römisch-katholische Kirchgemeinden 1,924 points 254 Parish administration, 282 Roman Catholic Church Switzerland, local government, Catholicism
Fustes exòtiques 1,924 points 634 Orchards, fruits, forestry w4d: wood wood product
Raw Material Role 1,923 points 553 Economic geology mineral resources
Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System 1,923 points 381 Commerce (Trade) u8: goods and services, w: artifacts industrial production