970 History of North America

Centro de Documentación INTAL Tesauro

"Este servicio permite realizar búsqueda por temas, navegando por las diferentes áreas de conocimiento y seleccionando el ó los términos para realizar una consulta. Los términos se ordenan jerárquicamente mostrando la relación de especificidad entre unos y otros."

"This service allows you to search by topics, navigating the different areas of knowledge and selecting the term or terms to make a query. The terms are hierarchically ordered showing the relationship of specificity between them."

John-F.-Kennedy-Institut für Nordamerikastudien Bibliothekssystematik

"Im Zeitraum vom 1960 bis 1980 wurde eine speziell auf die Erwerbungspolitik der JFKI-Bibliothek zugeschnittene hauseigene Systematik entwickelt. Diese liegt leider nicht in digitalisierter Form vor, sondern kann nur in gedruckter Form (blaue Bände im untersten Fach des Neuerwerbungsregals im Bibliotheksflur) eingesehen werden."

"In the period from 1960 to 1980, an in-house system specially developed for the acquisition policy of the JFKI library was developed. Unfortunately, this is not available in digital form, but can only be viewed in printed form (blue volumes in the lowest section of the new library in the library hall) . "

National Museum of the American Indian Reference Lists (Thesauri)

"The following reference lists represent NMAI controlled terminologies in their respective hierarchies. Use these reference lists if you are in doubt about what terms are used or how they should be entered for searches. If you cannot quickly locate a term you may use your browser's 'Find' ('Ctrl' + 'F') option combination to see if a term is listed. When you click on a term in a Reference List, a search is automatically performed across all applicable collections categories. Peoples/Cultures Thesaurus Reference List: Includes the six highest levels of cultural terms used in this website.