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Defence Technological and Scientific Thesaurus

"DEFTEST now contains 24000 entry terms with 155000 cross references. Approximately 1000 new terms have been added. The meaning or usage of terms and their hierarchies is represented by cross references. The hierarchical display assists in the choice of the most appropriate level of specificity for indexing and retrieval. (...) DEFTEST is not Intended as a comprehensive coverage of the fields of science and technology, but of Defence related topics in those fields, as represented inthe database."

Thesaurus of Engineering and Scientific Terms

"In the fall of 1965, two large projects were set in motion to develop contemporary thesauri in the fields of engineering and science. One was originated by Engineers Joint Council to revise the first edition of its Thesaurus of Engineering Terms (1964); the other, by the Department of Defense, under the sponsorship of the Office of Naval Research and known as Project LEX, which had as its mission the development of the first Department of Defense technical thesaurus.

Proposed International Standard Nomenclature for Fields of Science and Technology

"The Proposed international standard nomenclature for fields of science and technology was proposed in 1973 and 1974 by the Division of Science Policy and Statistics for Science and Technology of UNESCO and adopted by the Scientific Advisory Committee. This is a classification system widely used in knowledge management of research projects and dissertations. Categories are divided into three hierarchical levels: Fields: Refering to general sections. Encoded with two digits and comprises several disciplines. Disciplines: Provide an overview of specialty groups in Science and Technology.

CLICAPS Aufstellungssystematik

"Aufstellungssystematik für den Bestand des Informationszentrums Chemie Biologie Pharmazie, zugänglich via StarTree, alphabetische Listen, Suche und Navigation in der Klassifikation. Sie orientiert sich an praktischen Kriterien (in den beteiligten Departementen untersuchte Forschungs- und vermittelte Wissensgebiete, Grösse und Segmentierung des Bestands) und wurde teilweise in Zusammenarbeit mit den Instituten entwickelt. 1366 Deskriptoren, 239 Synonyme."

"Shelf Classification for the inventory of the Chemistry Biology Pharmacy Information Center, accessible via StarTree, alphabetical lists, search and navigation in the classification. It is based on practical criteria (investigated and mediated knowledge areas, size and segmentation of the stock in the participating departments) And was developed partly in collaboration with the institutes. 1366 Descriptors, 239 Synonyms. "