410 Linguistics

The Vagueness Ontology

"Vagueness is a common human knowledge and language phenomenon, typically manifested by terms and concepts like High, Expert, Bad, Near, etc. It is a phenomenon related to our inability to precisely determine the extensions of such concepts in certain domains and contexts. That is because vague concepts have typically blurred boundaries which do not allow for a sharp distinction between the entities that fall within their extension and those that do no. For example, some people are borderline tall: not clearly 'tall' and not clearly 'not tall'.

Glosario Conjugación verbal francesa

"La conjugación verbal o flexión verbal es el conjunto de las formas de un verbo según las categorías de persona, número, tiempo, aspecto, modo, voz, etc. (aunque no todas las lenguas del mundo incluyen todas estas categorías, pudiendo faltar alguna). A veces al conjunto de estas formas se le llama también paradigma verbal, siendo la flexión o conjugación verbal el conjunto de reglas que permiten construir dicho paradigma.

"Verbal conjugation or verbal inflection is the set of forms of a verb according to the categories of person, number, time, aspect, mode, voice, etc. (although not all languages in the world include all these categories, The French verbs are classified in three conjugations (in French: conjugaisons), but they also exist in the French verb conjugations, Many irregular verbs (almost all located in the 3rd group), of which avoir, être and faire are the most used. "

Kielitieteen asiasanasto

"Asiasanat ovat aina substantiiveja: joko yksittäistermejä, sanaliittoja tai yhdyssanoja. Asiasanat ovat joko yksikkö- tai monikkomuodossa. Yksikössä ovat abstrakteja käsitteitä ja toimintaa kuvaavat sanat. Monikossa ovat yleensä konkreettisia, laskettavissa olevia käsitteitä merkitsevät sanat. Termeillä voi olla yksikössä ja monikossa eri merkitys, jolloin molemmat muodot esiintyvät sanastossa (kielioppi - kieliopit). Asiasanaston laatimisessa on noudatettu suomenkielisen tesauruksen laatimis- ja ylläpito-ohjeita (SFS 5471).

"Keywords are always nouns:.. Either yksittäistermejä, word associations, or compound words Key words are either singular or plural unit are abstract concepts and activities described by the words plural are usually tangible, quantifiable concepts of the words for terms can be singular and the plural different meaning.. whereby the two forms appear in the dictionary (grammar - grammars).