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Clasificación Temática - Biblioteca Instituto Internacional de Sociología Jurídica

"El sistema de clasificación temática de los libros, de diseño propio, desarrolla las áreas y subáreas de la sociología jurídica permitiendo localizar las secciones de interés para cada investigador, unido a las facilidades del acceso directo a los fondos."

"The classification system, designed for our library, develops extensively the sociolegal areas. It is a useful tool for the visiting scholars to find out their interest fields."

Classificazione delle forme giuridiche delle unità legali

"L'Istituto nazionale di statistica ha predisposto una classificazione completa e coerente delle unità legali per forma giuridica. L'obiettivo è di garantire una maggiore omogeneità delle informazioni presenti nelle basi dati amministrative e di favorire, nell'ambito del Sistema statistico nazionale, un linguaggio comune tra gli enti delle amministrazioni centrali e locali.

"The National Statistical Institute has prepared a complete and coherent classification of legal entities by legal form. The aim is to ensure more uniformity of the information contained in administrative data bases and to promote, within the National Statistical System, a Common language between the central and local authorities.
The classification is divided into two sections: the first refers to the legal forms governed by private law, the second to the forms governed by public law, for a total of 16 divisions and 62 classes.

Legal Terms and Concepts for Forest Landowners

"Greater economic value will result in an increased number of intrusions into forestlands. Those intrusions may take many forms, including trespassing on land and timber, boundary-line disputes, land-title problems, timber-cutting disagreements, contract interpretation problems, and increased litigation. As a forest landowner, you must be aware of the legal aspects of forest management and ownership. This expertise will allow you to better safeguard land and timber. This publication contains selected legal terms and concepts important to forest landowners.

Classification Juridique Romande

"Les documents du fonds de la bibliothèque de l'ISDC et de l'OFJ ne sont pas indexés mais sont classifiés à l'aide de la classification juridique romande. Cette dernière, composée d'une combinaison de lettres et de chiffres, a pour but de décrire le contenu intellectuel du document. Pour plus de précision dans la recherche, il est possible d’effectuer une recherche par classification dans l’outil Explore. Le plan systématique disponible ci-dessous en quatre langues décrit le fonctionnement de cette classification."

"The documents of the collection of our library are not indexed, but are classified by means of the legal classification of French-speaking Switzerland. This one, compound of a combination of letters and of figures, aims at describing the intellectual contents of the document. It is possible to make a research by classification in the Explore tool."

List of Subject Headings for Small to Medium Sized Law Libraries

"The List itself is not exhaustive, nor is it meant to be. For the subjects represented all practically useful 'see' (x) references and 'see also' (sa) references have been added but not all of them need to be used. However, it seems desirable to make them available particularly for the cataloger whose experience has been somewhat limited. A few international law, comparative law and foreign law subjects have been included because they seem to be needed regardless of the size of the collection.