330 Economics

Systematik der Fachbibliothek Wirtschaftswissenschaft

"Die Literatur in unserer Bibliothek ist systematisch geordnet aufgestellt. Das Sachgruppenverzeichnis informiert im Detail über die Inhalte der einzelnen Signaturgruppen und hilft somit bei einer inhaltlichen Literatursuche."

"The literature in our library is organized in a systematic manner. The subject group index provides detailed information on the contents of the individual signature groups and thus helps in the search for content."

Statistical Terminology

"It is not unusual for students to forget important concepts learned in an earlier course. This set of definitions is intended to stir memories of those wonderful times when you were learning statistics and econometrics. It is not intended to replace a statistics course but to provide you with a handy guide to the definition of some important terms in the statistical tools used by economists."

FTSE Environmental Markets Classification System

"The EMCS is a detailed and comprehensive structure for analysis, facilitating the comparison of companies across two levels; sector and subsector, and across national boundaries. The system defines environmental market companies and allocates each to the subsector whose definition most closely describes the nature of its business. There are currently seven Sectors and 29 Subsectors."