classification scheme

Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale

"The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale is a 1 to 5 rating based on a hurricane's sustained wind speed. This scale estimates potential property damage. Hurricanes reaching Category 3 and higher are considered major hurricanes because of their potential for significant loss of life and damage. Category 1 and 2 storms are still dangerous, however, and require preventative measures. In the western North Pacific, the term 'super typhoon' is used for tropical cyclones with sustained winds exceeding 150 mph."

Optics Classification and Indexing Scheme

"OCIS provides a flexible, comprehensive classification system for all optical author input and user retrieval needs. OCIS has a two-level hierarchical structure containing 36 main headers and approximately 1100 subcategories. OSA authors, presenters, and reviewers use OCIS to classify and index journal articles, meeting abstracts and presentations, and areas of research interest and expertise."

Surface Water Classifications

"Surface Water Classifications are designations applied to surface water bodies, such as streams, rivers and lakes, which define the best uses to be protected within these waters (for example swimming, fishing, drinking water supply) and carry with them an associated set of water quality standards to protect those uses. Surface water classifications are one tool that state and federal agencies use to manage and protect all streams, rivers, lakes, and other surface waters in North Carolina.

Global Product Classification

"Um sicher zu stellen, das Produkte richtig und einheitlich klassifiziert werden, wird im GDSN die Global Product Classification verwendet. Die GPC gibt allen am Stammdatenaustausch beteiligten Partner eine gemeinsame Sprache, um Produkte in der gleichen Weise zu gruppieren, und das weltweit. Die GPC verbessert die Integrität und Qualität der Stammdaten im GDS Netzwerk. Ausserdem verringert es Sprachbarrieren, da die GPC in mehrerer Sprachen verfügbar ist und ermöglicht Auswertungen über verschiedene Produktgruppen."

"In order to make sure products are properly and consistently classified, the Global Product Classification is used in the GDSN The GPC provides a common language for all partners involved in the master data exchange to group products in the same way, Improves the integrity and quality of the master data in the GDS network, and reduces language barriers, as the GPC is available in multiple languages, and enables evaluations across different product groups. "

Thésaurus pour la Fiction

"Hiérarchie et relations préférentielles: gestion des équivalents linguistiques. Les descripteurs sont rangés sur le même niveau hiérarchique, dans chaque grand champ lexical. Pour limiter leur nombre, on a choisi de conserver un certain nombre de non-descripteurs (qui renvoient à des descripteurs). Ils auraient pu constituer des termes spécifiques de descripteurs. Ceux-ci seraient alors eux-mêmes devenus des termes génériques. Il n'est malheureusement pas possible de gérer plusieurs niveaux de spécificité dans un index alphabétique.

"Hierarchy and preferential relations: management of linguistic equivalents The descriptors are arranged on the same hierarchical level in each large lexical field.To limit their number, it is decided to keep a certain number of non-descriptors (which refer to descriptors They could have been used as generic terms, but it is unfortunately not possible to manage several levels of specificity in an alphabetical index.